Xils Lab announced PolyM ! Authentic Emulation Of The Moog Polymoog Analog Synthesizer

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Xavier Oudin, the main developer behind Xils Lab is best known for his amazing EMS VCS3 Synthesizer emulation or the great sounding PolyKB III. Today, the french developer announced the PolyM, an accurate and authentic emulation of the legendary analog Polymoog Synthesizer by Moog Music. After years of waiting, the first emulation oft this iconic synth. Especially, this instrument was famous due of the amazing analog polyphonic pad and atmospheric sounds. I can’t say something yet about this new product but I’m pretty sure that Xavier from Xils-Lab will make it top notch because all his product are one the same quality level as U-he plugins per example.

Unlimited polyphony ! Back in the 70’s a wonderful machine was designed offering, as it was said at the time, unlimited polyphony ! Even if this was not true, compared to monophonic synthesisers or to the five or eight voice polyphonic synthesisers available at the time, the 71 voices, each one with its own pulse width modulation, filter, VCA and envelope generator- this was clearly a revolution !

Recreating this legendary instrument as a virtual analog synthesiser was a real challenge but we decided to take up the gauntlet !

A Gem of Pleasure : It took more than two years, analysing, measuring, testing and scratching our heads, but we are proud to now offer you the PolyM, one of the best, if not the best, virtual divided-down based virtual synthesiser available.

The PolyM offers two divided-down oscillators providing 71 voices each one with two envelope generators, one filter, one VCA and Pulse Width Modulation.The PolyM offers a gorgeous zero-delay 24db ladder filter, controlled by the keyboard or a dedicated LFO sine or Sample and Hold waveform. The PolyM offers two additional filter banks, plenty of modulation, effects and presets, while keeping the original character of the original.
Finally, The PolyM offers more than the sum of its features. It is a coherent ensemble giving you maximum pleasure.

Here is the first trailer of the upcoming Xils Lab PolyM Synthesizer for PC and Mac 

We are currently finishing, testing, integrating presets and making operation smooth and enjoyable to use ! As you can see, PolyM works, PolyM sounds and PolyM is almost ready, so you won’t have to wait an other year ! Stay tuned !!!

More informations will follow here in near future: Xils Lab

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