Ruismaker Teased Ripplemaker Synthesizer – An Upcoming New Modular West-Coast Synthesis Playground App

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After the release of Troublemaker, the developer Ruismaker works again hard to developer the next new app for electronic musicians. This is time, he develop an new modular west-coast Synthesizer app with iOS AU support. Looks very interesting and looking forward to checkin it out.
The developer write in the video description this about Ripplemaker Synthesizer: Testing my new work in progress: Ripplemaker A modular “West-Coast synthesis” playground, inspired by synths such as the 0-Coast, Phenol and the Kastle. Following the experimental synthesis philosophy of people like Buchla and Serge, west-coast synthesis offers a very different approach from the traditional subtractive methods of Moog synths. It’s much more about experimenting with additive timbres (hence the absence of a conventional filter) and the manipulation of CV signals.

This video shows a typical generative patch concept called “Krell” (inspired by the soundtrack of the movie “Forbidden Planet” ‘composed’ by Louis Barron). It’s self-generating, so no sequencers or triggers are used here. But obviously Ripplemaker will be fully AUv3 compatible so you can do slightly more conventional/musical patches with it 😉

Recorded in AUM with AUFX:SPACE reverb plugin.

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