Propellerhead Reason 9.5 With VST Support Released

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Propellerhead, the music software developer from Sweden released today finally Reason 9.5 with VST support. With this new update, the company opens Reason 9 to a new world of instruments and effect plugins. On top of this news, Propellerhead also launched their own VST store with some major brands like U-he, Waves, iZotope and more. 

Available here: Propellerhead Reason 9.5

Explore new and creative ways to use VST plugins with Reason 9.5. Drag and drop from the browser, use CV and audio connections with your plugins, play in new ways with Players, put VSTs in Combinators with Reason’s own devices or Rack Extensions. Reason’s patchable rack lets you route audio any way you want, and the new plugin delay compensation in Reason 9.5 keeps you in phase at all times.

“We’ve seen some amazing VST instruments and effects that are available in the market, and we simply wanted our Reason users to have access to them without compromising Reason’s unique workflow,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Reason Product Manager. “Reason finds all the VSTs on your computer and displays them next to your other Reason devices. You can simply drag and drop a VST plugin into the Reason rack and get started right away—or you can go as deep as you want and access the CV and audio connections for a truly modular music-making experience.”

Reason 9.5 supports any VST 2.4-compliant instrument or effect plugin, which means just about every VST out there will work in Reason. In addition to the 375+ Rack Extension instruments and effects from over 90 different manufacturers already available, the Propellerhead Shop now features a custom curated list of VSTs from leading VST plugin brands including Waves, Output, KV331 and iZotope.

Reason 9.5 is a free update for all current Reason 9 owners and is available in the user account.  

Available here: Propellerhead Reason 9.5

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