A 29€ Delay Pedal For Synthesizers? Donner Yellow Fall Delay Review

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Just a month ago, I received from Amazon the Donner Yellow Fall Delay, a very cheap analog delay pedal from China. After my quick unboxing video and my two audio demos, it’s time for my final review. In my opinion, this pedal is a great sounding delay pedal for nearly nothing.

Available here: Donner Yellow Fall Delay Review

It’s unbelievable for me that this pedal cost only around 23€ when I purchased it over amazon Germany. I re-checked today the price during the production of my video review and the price is currently 32€ but you receive an additional 20% discount on it. For me, this is an absolute fantastic use and price value. The sound possibilities are quite limited due of the amount of parameters but the it can produce very standard delay effect but also some more atmospheric reverb effect like sounds.

From a Synthesizer side, the Yellow Fall Delay pedal is amazing to add to monophonic Synthesizers like the Monologue from KORG or the Microbrute from Arturia which don’t come with effects on board

In summary, it’s an amazing delay pedal for your Synthesizer home studio for an unbelievable price. The sound quality is solid and doesn’t produce noise. As already said, the sound design options, I see neutral because it can’t produce thousand of different sounds. I think it’s not designed for this purpose but more for classic delay tones. Also the build quality is in my eyes quite good for this price range. The knobs works fine also after one month and doesn’t appeal cheap. It’s not cheap but also not high-end.

 Here is my video review of this Delay pedal including some audio demos.


Available here: Donner Yellow Fall Delay Review

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