New Elektron Machine Is Coming For NAMM 2019!

This week we were happy when Elektron released the Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta. The joy may continue next week. A new teaser video announces a new Elektron machine (“new minute, new machine, this is just # …”). In this video you can find some icons which gives us some hints.

Elektron Teaser

What the terms tell us:

  • save
  • loop or connecting loops to a song
  • 3D box for reverb
  • saw wave
  • tire track
  • a twisted box
  • change waveforms?
  • delay effect?
  • growing/shrinking circles/dots = granular?
  • Pencil?
  • Circle + circle & black circle
  • filter?
  • repeat
  • back and forth arrows (looping feature?)
  • curved up arrow and bars (fade in?)
  • forward/tire tracks?
  • drum synth engine? (bass, perc, hihat, snare, clap, cymbal, kick)
  • sample start, sample lengtht
  • filter cutoff
  • +24 for the sample pitch maybe
  • 127 maybe MIDI value

Mystery Elektron Box Icons Spotted At Matrixsynth

Elektron NAMM 2019

If you look at the words there may be a new sampling machine. Since Elektron already have a simple sampler (Digitakt) and a complex (Octatrack), they will probably bring a machine on the market which can do something different.

Exciting would be a mixture of a granular sampler/ drum machine or  a groove-box with an analog engine and a little sample playback drum machine. Or we will see a 2018 Monomachine in the Digitakt/Digitone format?

We will receive the answer at the latest on Thursday morning at the NAMM 2019!

More information here: Elektron 

Hardware News

NAMM 2019 News


  1. Hybrid portable 16 track audio sampler and granular synthesizer with 16 step velocity sensitive pad sequencer and multitouch screen

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