PSPaudioware PSP 285, a semi-modular delay toolbox plugin

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PSPaudioware PSP 285, a new semi-modular effects plugin consisting of a stereo delay, reverb, filtering, and modulation.

A new year and many new plugins are about to be released. A big new one comes from the Polish developers of PSPaudioware.

With the new PSP 285, PSPaudioware takes their popular PSP 85 delay plugin into the semi-modular sound design world.

PSPaudioware PSP 285

PSPaudioware PSP 285

The plugin consists of a customizable stereo delay, reverb, filter, and flexible mixing options.

The built-in delay is stereo and has independent left and right channel processing, each with continuous delay time control of up to 10 seconds and pre-delay. You get independent channel settings, and the cross-channel feedback allows you to explore more unpredictable timbres.

There are two operating modes available. PSP 285 can be used in stereo (left/ride) or as a mid-side (M/S) processor. It also includes a channel link mode, a delay gating function, and handy wet signal ducking.

Then you can shape the delay signal with a multimode filter. It hosts a rich selection of 17 different filter types, with adjustable cutoff and resonance controls, and flexible routing capabilities. Plus, you can work with a drive algorithm with hard and soft saturation modes adding character to your delays.

Reverb And Modulation

If you want to lead the delays into the atmospheric realms, there is a built-in multi-algorithm reverb, including springs, plates, various spaces, and reverb. They are available in both mono-to-stereo and dual mono modes. They can be positioned flexibly in the signal chain: dry, wet, or mixed wet+ dry delay output.

Besides this, you get a versatile modulation section with a tempo-synced, click-free 6-wave LFO and envelope follower. They can be used to modulate parameters and thus bring movement into the sounds. Perfect to achieve complex rhythmic delays and more.

Other features are:

  • mixer parameter presets
  • wet mode switch for use in sends
  • control signal filtering for smooth, click-free operation.
  • 64-bit floating point signal path
  • support for sample rates of up to 384 kHz.

According to PSPaudioware, PSP 285

can produce an extremely wide variety of delay-based effects – from simple slapbacks and echoes to complex rhythmic patterns, from faithful magnetic tape delay simulations to twisted out-of-this-world pitch-shifting and resonant filtering effects – all at world-class audio quality.

Looks like a very extensive delay plugin. PSPaudioware has an excellent reputation for high-quality plugins, so I think this one is also on a very high DSP level.

PSPaudioware PSP 285 is available for an introductory price of $99 USD (including VAT) until January 14th, 2023 (reg. $149 USD). Current users of the PSP 85 can upgrade via the X-grade for $28,50 USD.

More information here: PSPaudioware 

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