Polyverse Supermodal 1.0 out now, new modal filter plugin made to explore animate resonances

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Polyverse Supermodal opens new creative filtering possibilities thanks to a combination of animating state variable- and modal filters. 

UPDATE: Polyverse Supermodal is out of beta, and version 1.0 is officially released. Thanks to the beta testers, new functions were added. Here is the changelog:

  • Filter stability and sound improvements.
  • Modulation Amount Sliders now labeled according to the active modulator.
  • Active Modulation Buttons are highlighted when hovering over modulation slots.
  • Random and Sequencer modulation modes now have a UniPolar function.
  • Sequencer: Arrow keys can be used to shift and invert phase.
  • Sequencer: Letter keys can be used to select a corresponding shape.
  • Additional expert-designed presets are included.
  • Improved initial preset.
  • Right-click Preset Browse button to save a new preset without opening the preset list.
  • Ctrl – /= or Command -/= shortcuts to resize the plug-in.


Article From October 30th, 2022

When we hear filtering, classic filters come to mind like ladder filter, state variable SEM, Prophet, Steiner Parker… with our beloved cutoff and resonance controls. But these are very simplified concepts. Filtering can also go very deep. For example, when dealing with modal filters. So when filter designs try to model specific bodies of instruments, etc.

Polyverse, the developers of the Infected Mushroom Plugins let you dive into the fascinating modal filtering world with their new Supermodal plugin.

Polyverse Supermodal

Polyverse Supermodal

Supermodal is a new filter plugin that goes beyond classic filtering plugins that you also have in every DAW. Of course, you can use the plugin to make sounds duller or brighter. This is the easiest job for the plugin and probably underwhelming it. Polyverse has opted for Supermodal for a different filter concept that goes deeper and in a more creative direction.

It consists of a state variable filter and a modal filter section followed by a rich modulation engine. Both the state-variable filter and modal filter operate in stereo allowing you to modulate the left and right signal independently, together, or separate to deliver awe-inspiring stereo effects

The first gives you classic lowpass, bandpass, and highpass with frequency and resonance controls. It becomes more interesting in the modal section. It utilizes hundreds of precise bandpass filters to model the resonant bodies of various instruments, objects, waveforms, and more.

There are 9 models, each with 3 variations giving you a total of 27 modes to play around with. You get flangers, phasers, vocal filters, physical, and some unique mathematical modeled resonators. You can control its character with various parameters, including decay, xform, damping, and partials. More, it’s possible to blend both filters together to create an interesting mix.

The modal section is fascinating because it shows music producers and sound designers a new side of filtering which has an even deeper impact on the sound. Where classic filters manipulate the sound only “slightly”, you can the modal filter to shape timbres deeply and even give them a kind of physical modeling texture.

Rich Modulation

Like the other Polyverse plugins so far, Supermodal also comes with a deep modulation engine that allows you to animate the whole process down to the last detail.

It is powered by 4 modulation slots that offer 6 modulators: meta knob, ADSR envelope, envelope follower, sequencer, MIDI/CV triggers, and randomizer. So a good plethora of modulation tools to move everything in your patch.  That’s not all. You can also cross-modulate between slots to create even more intense modulations.

Polyverse ships the plugin with 200+ presets for instant creative filtering fun.

A very exciting plugin that shows that filtering does not only consist of cutoff and resonance. It’s a tool that opens the door for many new filtering facets. For musicians who want to delve very deep into sound design, this might be worth a look

Polyverse Supermodal is available now in an open-beta version for $49 USD instead of $99 USD.

More information here: Polyverse 

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