Polyend Play 1.2 firmware brings customizable global master FXs

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Polyend has published firmware 1.2 for the Play groovebox/MIDI sequencer bringing customizable global master FXs. 

With the Play, Polyend presented a sample-based groovebox at Superbooth 22, which is also a very versatile multitrack MIDI sequencer with inspiring algorithmic techniques. Last November, the developers released the first major update 1.1, with improvements like SD card export.

Another update is now available with firmware 1.2.

Polyend Play firmware 1.2

Polyend Play 1.2

The new firmware 1.2 is a small update but makes the instrument sonically more flexible. It unlocks the parameters of the global FXs section that were previously only available to the user in a limited form. Strange that something basic like this only comes into the feature set after 6+ months.

Play users can now adjust the built-in effects with various parameters. This allows the user to adjust the character of the effects more precisely to their preferences.

The following parameters are available:

  • reverb (0-100): damping, size, diffusion, and pre-delay
  • delay: syn rate (8-1/32), feedback, ping pong, ping pong ratio, and filter frequency
  • equalizer with an array of between -11,75dB and-12.00 dB.
    • EQ 330Hz, 990Hz, 3000Hz, 9900Hz
    • Bass Boost (scale: 0 – 100)
    • Space (scale: 0 – 8)
  • Limiter: attack, release side chain, and side chain channel (track 1 – 8)

To edit the master FX, enter the master FX view (shift + view) and select custom parameters to edit the parameters settings. Then set the desired effect to “Custom”.

The new Polyend 1.2 firmware update is available now as a free download for existing customers.

More information here: Polyend 

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  1. disappointing, after all the promises about performance mode for midi tracks, polyphonic midi recording, sample selection and midi channel lock. instead you can now adjust the effects, wow.
    have praised Polyends update policy probably too early.

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