Arturia MiniFreak V, the software Freak for your DAW is available now for everyone

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Arturia has released the MiniFreak V plugin, an emulation of the MiniFreak hardware Synthesizer with the same engine for your DAW.

Surprising news on Tuesday from Arturia. Out of nowhere came the press release in my mail that today Arturia is publishing its software freak MiniFreak V for everyone. So also for all those who do not own the hardware.

You can now buy it for $99/99€ in a special intro sale (reg. $199/199€). Arturia customers who already have V Collection 9 can get it for $49/49€. Users of Pigments, of an older V Collection or FX Collection, can buy it for $69/69€. Log in to your user account for the special prices.

Article From December 1st, 2022

In mid-October, Arturia released the MiniFreak, the MicroFreak’s polyphonic brother. With the same concept but massively expanded in terms of features. 6-voice true polyphony, two oscillators, a three-slot multi-effects processor, and more.

However, one big feature was missing from the release. The editor which is also a complete emulation of the MiniFreak for the DAW. Today Arturia added the MiniFreak V free of charge for hardware users. Yes, only for hardware users. It is not known if and when Arturia will also release the plugin version for all other users.

Arturia MiniFreak V

Arturia MiniFreak V

So, Arturia gives the MiniFreak buyers a nice pre-Christmas present. The MiniFreak V plugin is out now. Once the hardware is registered in the Arturia account, the software, aka plugin version, is activated. It doesn’t require the synth to be plugged in for it to run. So no massive dongle.

It is exciting that the MiniFreak V is an independent software Synthesizer. It is a 1-to-1 emulation of the hardware with all the creative features for your DAW. The audio is not transported from the hardware to the plugin via digital pipelines, as is often assumed. No, it’s an emulation of the Freak.

It gives you the same 6-voice polyphonic Synthesizer engine with two multi-engine oscillators, an SEM-style filter, 2 LFOs, two envelopes, a three-slot effects engine, and more. The complete sequencer with the same wild, creative features like spice and dice is also fully included. And all this in multiple instances.

MiniFreak V

In the MiniFreak V, the hardware and software worlds come together. You can use sounds in both versions. You make a sound in the plugin and you take it later to a gig in the hardware. Or vice versa. You can also use the MiniFreak as a MIDI controller for the MiniFreak V version. It works in sync with your hardware.

A very welcome release. Mainly because it shows how harmoniously hardware can communicate with software. It is not known when the MiniFreak V will be ready for everyone. Arturia does not communicate about this either. It would be a great move if they will open it up to others too.


Arturia MiniFreak is available now for 599€/$599 USD. The MiniFreak V plugin is available now for a special introductory price of $99/99€. Login to your user account and you benefit from special prices starting at $49/49€. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

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  1. For a second, there, I thought it was about a MicroFreak plugin, which made me want one even more. The dream of having the same synth as plugin and hardware!!
    I *really* don’t want a full-size keyboard, especially not one which doesn’t support PolyAT.
    So, like others, I just wish Arturia did the same thing for the MicroFreak.

    In a way, what I want the most is Pigments as a desktop synth, with full MPE support. At this point, the only MPE hardware synths that I have are Orbas. The editor’s ok. It’s really not the same thing as a plugin.

  2. This is unacceptable. Arturia is deliberately experimenting with their customers. They announced a free update for their V Collection the same day they announced a free Minifreak V synth plugin and to add insult to injury you can’t buy the plugin. This is the kind game playing that will stop me from investing money into Arturia’s product line…

    • 1) The free V Collection update is out, it’s the 9.1 update which includes some improvements and bug fixes
      2) Arturia didn’t tell/communicate in the official release that they will release the MiniFreak V as a plugin for other customers. It was from day one known that it will be a companion plugin for hardware users. If they will publish it for other customers is not known and if it’s nice a move. But let’s see what the future brings.

    • No one expected Access to give people option to buy their virus software, it comes only with the hardware (a little bit different scenerio but could argue.)Minifreak V is a hardware synth editor which is also vst. Do you want it ? Buy The synth.

    • LOL!


      Last December, Arturia offered its customers the Filter MS-20, tomorrow $99
      In 2021, Arturia offered its customers the MELLO-FI Tape, today $99
      2020 = Chorus JUN-6, today $99
      2019 = Rev PLATE-140, today $99

      WTF with you people???
      Please don’t answer me.

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