Torso Electronics T-1 2.0, new firmware update brings per-step algorithmic editing

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Torso Electronics has published firmware 2.0 for its creative algorithmic hardware sequencer T-1 adding per-step editing, FX tracks, and more

Programming a sequencer consists of assigning notes or chords to steps. This can usually be done in real-time or programmed per step on sequencers like the Arturia Keystep, Korg SQ-1, and others. The innovative Torso Electronics T-1 shows that this process can also be automatically generated by a complex engine.

The T-1 is an algorithmic sequencer that is powered by a smart Euclidean rhythm generator that allows you to quickly construct complex rhythm patterns with a few knobs turns. There are also various creative features (per-step note repeater…) with which you can spice up the generated sequencers. Firmware 2.0 is out now making the whole algorithmic step generation even more mature and capable

Torso Electronics T-1 2.0

Torso Electronics T-1 2.0

The new T-1 2.0 firmware is a free update that adds a good amount of features and new ways of interacting with the novel sequencing algorithm.

First, it introduces per-step editing of all T-1’s algorithms. This means you can now lock parameters into any step of a sequence, giving users a new fascinating way to interact and control your sequences alongside the generative approach of the T-1. Everything from the voicing, random amount, pitch value, and note division can now be changed per step. That’s an impressive update for the engine.

Then, you can explore all-new FX tracks. Firmware 2.0 turns the T-1 into a real-time MIDI FX processor that lets you apply all of the embedded algorithms to incoming MIDI notes. This makes complex arpeggiators, evolving MIDI effects, and MIDI looping possible. Torso Electronics says:

“these new possibilities provide an excellent basis for keyboard players who want to ornament their keyboard playing with the T-1’s algorithmic qualities.”

There are more new features to explore in the Torso Electronics T-1 2.0

  • quick view when changing parameters (optional)
  • internal track routing (route one track to another)
  • brand-new and improved random modulation behaviors
  • stepped to slew possibilities on the random modulation
  • free division (non-quantized divisions per track)
  • cycle looping
  • CC track updates (includes slew and step edit)
  • playable keyboard in the pitch menu
  • multi-channel tracks
  • poly/mono random
  • repeats buffer saved in the track

Alongside the new firmware, Torso Electronics also released a new and improved T-1 user manual written by SynthDawg.

An impressive update with which the developers give the T-1 even more super sequencer power. Especially the possibility to use the whole thing per step makes it deeper and more versatile. Such product care is very welcome.

Torso Electronics T-1 2.0 firmware is a free update for existing customers. The T-1 is out now for $599 USD.

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