Will Eventide introduce the H9 successor tomorrow?

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Eventide has announced a new product for tomorrow, you can see two red dots in the teaser; will they introduce the H9 successor?

The Eventide H9 is one of the longest available multi-FX pedals on the market. Okay, multi-FX is here related to the huge number of internal algorithms. A major weakness of the H9 pedal is the limitation of an algorithm that can be active.

Many competing products can have 5 or 10 effects at once. If you are also open to other platforms, you can also use your iPhone or iPad + audio interface as an H9 processor. Since the Eventide H9 effects apps have been available as AUv3 plugins, you can use multiple effects simultaneously, or even stack multiple instances of a single effect and build an H9 on steroids without having the hardware.

Eventide Dual H9

But if you are not an iOS fan and prefer to continue using the H9 pedal, there are signs of new hardware.

Eventide Dual H9?

Eventide released a teaser video this afternoon announcing a product presentation for tomorrow, November 9th. This shows an Eventide H9 pedal that is connected and lights up red in a circle. As you know, as an H9 user.

However, a few seconds later, a second circle appears in the video, which indicates that we may get a new hardware revision of the H9 with more power. That would be a very welcome release. Whether it will be a revision with two FX slots (Dual H9) or one with more slots is not known. Two slots are an absolute minimum, in my opinion. More hands-on control on the pedal would also be very positive.

Or does Eventide bring a Eurorack version of the H9. After their unique Misher sequencer module, this could be another release in their growing module portfolio.

I’m curious about what Eventide will present to us tomorrow. I’m hoping for an Eventide H9 successor, it’s time for an update.

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  1. … most likely another repackage of their ancient algorithms.
    No hopes for anything new here, eventide beeing stuck in the past.
    Let’s see if i will be proofen wrong or right.

    • I’m totally fine with the algorithms. They are high-quality and have definitely a better quality than other current pedals. But what has been annoying so far was the 1 algo limitation and the operation on the hardware.

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