ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 update brings shimmering pitch shifted delays/reverbs

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ValhallaDSP ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 update unlocks a new RitchPitch algorithm giving you lush shimmering pitch-shifted delays & reverbs. 

Black Friday deals are everywhere these days. ValhallaDSP made us the best deal of the month so far. With his big free update for the epic free reverb Supermassive last Monday, Sean Costello gave everyone two more high-quality algorithms to explore.

All ValhallaDelay users will also receive a gift for Black Friday. This includes the ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 version with a new exciting algorithm.

ValhallaDelay 2.5.0

ValhallaDelay 2.5.0

The new free update 2.5.0 update introduces the RitchPitch algorithm. It’s a combination of a pitch-shifted delay signal with a lush, detuned delay signal. The pitch-shifted and detuned signals share the same overall delay time. It’s controllable with the pitch shift knob in semitones, and with the pitch tune which affects both the pitch-shifted and detuned signals.

RitchPitch doesn’t come with an age control but instead with a pitch mix knob that controls the mix of pitch-shifted and detuned signals. The introduction of this parameter allows to create of completely different textures promises Sean Costello the mastermind behind the ValhallaDSP plugins.

For example, it allows you to dial in delays with subtle harmonic overtones, reverbs with equal amounts of the original signal and pitch-shifted signals, full-on crazy pitch-shifting, and everything in between. It also harmonizes nicely with the feedback parameters that give you unique echo timbres.

The algorithm also has a diffuse parameter with which you can completely immerse yourself in the ambient world. Once turned up, ValhallaDelay in RitchPitch mode creates lush shimmering reverbs with a unique, variable character. They can be, of course, epic, but also very subtle or more strident, always depending on the PitchMix setting.

Listen to the linked example where a Moog Grandmother was paired with the new algorithm. That sounds damn big and lovely.

Or may it be an MS-20 that makes didgeridoo sounds? The example shows nicely how versatile the algorithm is.

ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 ships with a new folder full of shimmer presets. From subtle to epic, everything is included. However, Sean says the presets tend to show the subtler side of shimmer reverbs. Well, shimmer reverbs never really sound subtle haha. Well, I’m pretty sure that the new presets will certainly be a feast for ambient fans.

Another great update for the great ValhallaDSP plugin. Many companies would put this algorithm in a new plugin and market them that way. At ValhallaDSP, you get it as a free update, even if you have had the plugin for many years. That’s extraordinary product maintenance. Big thanks, Sean Costello.

ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 is available now as a free download for existing customers. The plugin is out now for $50 USD and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: ValhallaDSP

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