US-Deal: Korg Volcavember, buy two Volcas, get one for FREE

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Korg US has launched the Volcavember event where you get one Volca for FREE when you buy two Volcas throughout November 2022. 

It’s Black Friday month and the time for the good has begun. There are countless big discounts on plugins, there are also deals on hardware but with less big discounts. Don’t expect an 80% OFF discount on a synth.

Korg US recently announced the Volcavember, a special Volca event where you can benefit from a special deal. Everyone who buys two Volcas in the US in November gets one volca for FREE. So three for the price of 2. Sorry EU-readers, it’s again a Korg US-only deal.

Korg Volcavember

Korg Volcavember

Volcavember (Volca + November) is a special event that Korg US dedicates to the Volca lineup. The Volcas are portable, great-sounding synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers for little money.

The US distributor is celebrating this with a big deal. More precisely: buy any two new Volcas during the month of November, and get a volca beats, drum, or sample2 for FREE on top.

To participate, you must purchase your Volcas from a US retailer. It has to be new! Refurbished, or second-hand units do not count in the campaign. After the purchase, you have to upload the invoice to the Korg US website and then the free Volca will be sent to you.

The following Volcas are included in the promotion: bass, beats, drum, fm, keys, kick, modular, nubass, sample, and mix. Unfortunately, the volcaFM2 is not included in this promotion.

The Korg Volcavember Deal is available only available in the US and can participate throughout the month of November 2022.

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  1. Wow, that’s a real deal! In hope it will be a success in the Us so maybe Korg in the near future will make this offer also to European customers. Do you think it’s limited to the Us because there the Volca market is weaker than in Europe? Anyway thanks as always for keeping us informed.

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