Psychic Modulation BendoBox, new rhythmic multi-effects plugin

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Psychic Modulation BendoBox is a new rhythmic multi-effects plugin that gives you BPM-synced chopping and gating, gated feedback, and more.

Plugins are often developed by large companies such as Native Instruments, Waves, Brainworx, etc. There is also a more lovely, smaller direction you can go with your plugins. This is the world of indie companies that are mostly driven by 1 or 2 developers and also make the marketing, support, etc.

One such company is Psychic Modulation, the makers of the Phonec 2 Synthesizer or EchoMelt3 effect processor. They recently released a new multi-effects plugin.

Psychic Modulation BendoBox

Psychic Modulation BendoBox

BendoBox is a new rhythmic multi-effects plugin with an exploratory approach. It consists of four different sections: toneshaper, mod gate, echo, and delay gate.

The signal flow starts in the toneshaper section where signals are split into low and high bands. Here you can boost the low ends while applying filtering and saturation to the highs. And everything below the split point will remain clean and bypass the filter.

Then the mod gate section, it’s all about rhythmic manipulations. Here, you can bend the beat with a tempo-synced LFO to rhythmically bend the filter and amplitude. Great for ducking and pump effects or filtering sweeps.

There is also a wave shift slider for alternating between phase positions. Also onboard is a gate sequencer that infuses dropouts sections in your signals and creates entirely new rhythms. According to the developers, the gate can be set to hard, soft, or glide, depending on what music you produce.

Delay and Chaos

The third section is a BPM-synced echo/delay processor with a ping-pong mode and four parameters: spread, feedback, dampening, and mix. There is a dual timing system built-in that works like a two-stacked delay. You can also spread out between channels for a wider stereo image.

Further, you can explore creatively the delay gate sequencer. It allows you to trigger inputs sent on specific parts of your track while leaving the rest unaffected. It can be used for feedback gating, shuttering effects, and more. Lastly, there is a freakout slider that infuses sporadic chaos in the echo and filters, based on the rate of the beat.

Handy, each section has its own sub-presets and a randomizer so you get new results in seconds. There is also a big preset manager with several factory presets for instant fun.

This could be an interesting plugin for musicians who like to add varied rhythmic effects to their beats.

Psychic Modulation BendoBox is available now for $59 USD + VAT and runs as a VST3 and AU on macOS and Windows. A demo is available on the developer’s website.

More information here: Psychic Modulation 

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