Lewitt CONNECT 6: new audio interface with triple USB-C and DSP effects

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Lewitt Audio has launched its first multi-channel audio interface with a strikingly futuristic design, triple USB-C, and internal DSP effects. 

Vienna is calling. There is music tech news from the Austrian capital Vienna, my second home. This comes from Lewitt Audio, a music tech company known for its wide range of high-quality, innovative microphones.

Today the company surprisingly presented its first audio interface with a very exciting feature set.

Lewitt CONNECT 6

Lewitt CONNECT 6

The first audio interface from the Austrian company is called CONNECT 6. The striking design is immediately noticeable. Very edgy and futuristic in my opinion. One almost believes that the developers stole the design from an intergalactic spaceship. Unusually unique for an audio interface for such a traditional product.

It’s not only the design that catches the eye, but also the built-in features of this new budget-friendly interface. And these have been selected in such a way that they serve several applications. Including music producers, game streaming, and podcasting.

CONNECT 6 is a new audio interface that features two XLR-1/4” combo inputs for microphones and instruments, each equipped with a preamp delivering an impressive 72dB of gain. Additionally, you can connect a stereo source to a 1/8” aux input.

Then on the output side, the CONNECT 6 offers an interesting mix of connections:  two balanced 1/4” sockets, two independent headphones (stereo 1/4” and 1/8”), and a stereo 1/8” socket.

Lewitt CONNECT 6

The large number of USB-C ports is also exceptional. There are three USB-C connectors in total, one for the computer, one for a phone/tablet (Android/iOS) or a second computer, and the third one for power.  These also have a clever use.

On the one side, CONNECT 6 is capable to charge mobile devices while connected. That’s rare with today’s interfaces, if it works I say bravo Lewitt. On the other side, it’s possible to send and receive audio back and forth between your computer (macOS/Windows) and phone (Android/iOS) says, Lewitt. Also this functionality would be very helpful.

Flexible Routing And DSP Effects

Another highlight of this newcomer interface is the internal software that is optimized for streaming and podcasting. The built-in DSP consists of a software mixer controllable with the Control Center Software. You get full access to all audio routings of the CONNECT 6 audio interface.

In this, you can combine microphones or instrument inputs with audio from a computer, mobile devices, and more. Further, you can unlock three virtual stereo channels, and a loopback channel perfect for capturing audio from streaming software or computer audio.

Lewitt Control Center Software

Plus, you can create two independent audio mixes useful for splitting signals. So you can monitor one signal, and send the second to your streaming software like OBS.

Oh yes, there are also four useful zero-latency DSP effects, including 4-band EQ, compressor, expander, and a maximizer.

In terms of features, it looks like a very solid audio interface debut from the microphone experts Lewitt Audio. The very flexible audio routing options as well as the possibility to feed in different signals including mobile devices make this a very exciting product for both music producers and content creators. And also at a fair price.

Lewitt Audio Connect 6 will be available in two weeks for 299€ (MSRP).

More information here: Lewitt Audio

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