Xhun Audio ModFlorus, a chorus/flanger plugin for everyday use

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Xhun Audio ModFlorus is a new hybrid effect processor that offers a chorus and flanger in a straightforward plugin for everyday use.

There are classic effects like chorus, delay, reverb, and more but also huge multi-effects processors like Infiltrator 2 that could take you years to explore entirely. Two types of effects with different tasks. One for deep sound designs, the others more for the enhancers or finalization.

Xhun Audio, the developer of the great Moog LittlePhatty emulation LittleOne, has today released a new “bread and butter” effect with a flexible core.

Xhun Audio Modflorus

Xhun Audio ModFlorus

ModFlorus is a new versatile effect processor consisting of a stereo chorus and flanger processor all built into an easy-to-use plugin. It is built to bring out space and width to any audio track or sound source says the developer.

The plugin uses an advanced component simulation (ACS) approach, no it’s not Roland, that accurately reproduces the sound of these effects using physical modeling. It offers a multimode where you can choose whether it’s a flanger or a chorus.

On the plugin interface, you can classic parameters including bandwidth, center, feedback, rate, routing option (mono/stereo) gain, dry/wet blend, and volume controls. There is also an additional analog-modeled saturation stage for adding juice to the effect.

ModFlorus supports all sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz, allows MIDI automation, and comes with a ready-to-use factor preset collection. According to the developer, the plugin is also available in multi-size GUI resolutions.

At first glance, not a groundbreaking new effect plugin. That’s for sure. It’s, however, a classic chorus and flanger that sounds very solid. The question is whether we need another “classic” chorus/flanger. I think it’s good to have different options.

Xhun Audio ModFlorus is available now for an introductory price of 9,90€/USD (75% OFF) (reg. 39€/USD). It runs as a VST, VST3, and AU plugin on macOS (Intel only) and Windows. A native M1/M2 version is not yet out but it works using Rosetta 2. The developer recommends downloading the demo before buying.

More information here: Xhun Audio

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