Behringer Victor vector synthesis oscillator, new development update

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Behringer shares a dev update of Victor, an oscillator featuring the vector synthesis engine of its upcoming PRO-VS compact Synthesizer.

Haven’t heard from Behringer and his development team for a long time. However, today there is little news regarding a new module that is currently in development

Victor is a new module based on the same engine that can be found in the upcoming portable Pro-VS Synthesizer.

Behringer Victor update

Behringer Victor

There is no real news about the functions or the availability. With the latter, one can certainly say again: “when the chips are available”. However, there were some updates to the layout. So far, Behringer has shown the first prototypes (April) to collect feedback from the community. Based on this they made some changes.

First, it now has half as many knobs, it’s lost a couple of patch points but has again a USB-C port. I think it’s a shame that they sacrificed knobs and sockets, which means that the module will probably be less hands-on. However, I find it positive that they will add USB-C, which looks much better than the large socket on the Brains module.

As a reminder, the PRO-VS engine is basically a vector synthesis engine that offers four oscillators that can be placed in the corners of a 2D plane. Then, you can use the big joystick of the module to move in the space between the corners. A great way to create unique waveforms or moving timbres.

The module will have various menu pages, buttons for the X and Y mods, save and frequency as well as attenuators or attenuverters for the frequency and FM. Besides the Y and Y inputs also offers X Y outputs. Hopefully, this means that you can use the joystick with other Eurorack modules.

We have succeeded to move the PRO-VS vector engine into a Eurorack module abd called it the Victor. The amazing morphing function allows the merging of different oscillators. With our ever-expanding range of affordable Eurorack modules, the experience of modular has never been so accessible.

A tempting module at first glance. The big question remains when this will be released and available at retailers. Behringer does not provide any information on this. Certainly will be due to the missing chips.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. although ‘chips’ get the big headlines, anyone in an electronics design industry can tell you parts shortages are much wider than just ‘chips’. all types of parts are encountering supply issues.

    enjoy what you got, low cost new stuff is still a ways off still…

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