RYK Modular Vector Wave, poly synth voice with FM and vector synthesis

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RYK Modular Vector Wave, a polyphonic synth voice module for Eurorack with a wild FM and vector synthesis combination in retro clothes. 

If you watched the last Loopop video about Eventide’s Misha Sequencer, you must have noticed the very eye-catching module next to the actual main actor. That was just a teaser, but the news is official now. It’s a new module from RYK Modular, the developers of the M185 Sequencer.

Vector Wave is a new synth voice for Eurorack with many features and a special design.

RYK Modular Vector Wave

RYK Modular Vector Wave

The design of the new Vector Wave module is very unique. You have to look when you see it, it’s lovely. The big pixel screen alone is an eye-catcher that drives you back in time. According to RYK Modular, Vector Wave brings together the power of 16 oscillator FM, combined with vector synthesis in a voice module.

More precisely, you get oscillators, VCA, envelope, LFOs, and more in a single package. Starting with the oscillator section, which ensures that sounds come out at all. It hosts 16 oscillators divided into 4 different banks for either complex FM or additive synthesis. You can freely configure them into series or parallel combinations. So you can have FM and additive oscillators in the same signal path. The developer says that you can have either polyphony or vector synthesis.

There is a ducky joystick for morphing between oscillators banks. A feature known from vector synths and great for unique timbre sweeps and sonic movements. Vectors can also be recorded from the joystick and replayed from trigger sources. Alternatively, you can animated it from the internal or external modulation sources. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Then, you can shape your FM or additive timbres using the built-in shapers. The Warp Warping brings grid and aggression to the FM synthesis with oscillators continuously variable between Sine,Tri-ish Saw, Pulse waveforms If that’s not enough, you can add even more harmonic content using the wave folder made for subtle to extreme sonic bending.


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Modulation side, you get two envelope generators per voice in polyphonic modes as well as two LFOs with all controls assignable as modulation destinations. All this is operated by an intuitive modulation slot system. It manage the external and internal patching sources. And your sounds can be also saved inside the module. You get 30 user voice storage spaces for storing your synth sound design adventures in the internal memory.

Vector Wave has three unique oscillator bank allocation modes: monophonic vector, polyphonic voice, and multi-timbral polyohonic. With polyphony comes a lot of patch cords into play. Not here. It has a MIDI input for a spaghetti-free polyphonic setup including velocity, aftertouch and MIDI CC support.

Furthermore, you can get a slim but super userful expander modul that adds 3 more V/oct and gate inputs for the maximum multi-voice synth fun. A super exciting synth voice with a cool concept and design. There is currently no official video, only the teaser of Loopop and some short Instagram vids.

RYK Modular Vector Wave will be available soon for £395

More information here: RYK Modular

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