ADDAC System ADDAC713 stereo discrete mixer with clipping, feedback and gate

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ADDAC System ADDAC713 is a new 8HP stereo discrete mixer for Eurorack with soft clipping, feedback, and gate functionalities. 

A mixer module is one of the essential modules to have in a beginner modular synthesizer system. They are useful for mixing audio and CV signals together. A few years ago, the interest started to go towards stereo processing, where logically, stereo mixer modules came more and more onto the market

ADDAC from Portugal has now also turned their well-known discrete mixer ADDAC703 into a stereo module with some clever additions.



Like the mono version, it is inspired by the Moog CP3 mixer. The developers says the 713 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hehe, that doesn’t sound like a very classic mixer.

ADDAC’s new module was initially thought of as a percussion mixer, with mono inputs and panning, to allow placing percussive voices in the stereo field while keeping channel 4 in mono for low-end sources like a kick drum or Bass. But that concept was thrown overboard, and the module became a different mixer.

Creative With Feedback

The new module now has three stereo channels, each with dedicated gain and pan controls for each channel. Interesting, channel 4 is mono. Then, it gets exciting directly under the 3rd channel. Here you can work with feedback to overdrive the whole mix. This gives you either softer/harder clipping effects (turning clockwise) or up-to-gate effects.

ADDAC System ADDAC713 Discrete Stereo Mixer

And finally, the master output section sets the overall output gain of the mixer. There are two LEDs made for monitoring the audio output of the signal. Nice, it also has a soft clipping switch that engages an anti-click circuit which adds a low pass before the output. Three states are available: soft low pass/off/hard low pass.

At first glance, an interesting stereo mixer module with interesting additions.

ADDAC System ADDAC713 is available now for 220€ in an assembled version and a DIY version.

More information here: ADDAC System 

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