Noise Lab Formantic voltage-controlled formant filter and Tailgater pitch follower (update) Superbooth 22 News

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Superbooth 22: Noise Lab has announced two new Eurorack modules, Formantic a formant filter, and Tailgater a pitch follower 

Update:  The Formantic formant Filter module, one of the new Noise Lab modules for this year’s Superbooth, is about to be released. We now have the full features and an official module render image.

Article (17/05/2022)

Noise Lab is a Eurorack company from Sweden that started with the first modules for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition. Two years later, the next series of new modules are coming. Just before the SB22, the developer published Clang, a ring modulator wave folder combo in an 8HP module. For Superbooth 22, Noise Lab announced two new modules.

Superbooth 22 Noise Lab Formantic Tailgater

Noise Lab Formantic

Formantic is a voltage-controlled analog formant filter consisting of two resonant 12dB bandpass filters that can be controlled via a joystick. They are based on the AS3350 and AS3320 filter chips.

Both bandpass filters have individual resonance control, a global gain leveler and you can infuse feedback in the bandpass filter using the dedicated knob. They also have mod inputs with attenuators.

Then, you can set the routing either to use it parallel or serial using the path switch. In the final stage, the signal goes into a 24dB lowpass filter with controllable resonance. This also has independent modulation controls. And a big master cutoff pot controls all filters simultaneously.

Noise Lab Formantic

Connection side, you have CV controls for the bandpass and lowpass filters, two inputs (A/B), and two outputs. One gives you the complete signal while the other outputs only the bandpass signal. The four CV inputs are normalled to each other.

Noise Lab Tailgater

Tailgater is a pre-amp/tracker module with the ability to follow the pitch. It has a classic Eurorack input and mic XLR input with a dedicated gain potentiometer. Next to this, you have a quantize function and an envelope follower in level.

The built-in envelope can be tweaked using the attack, release, and slew parameters. There is a sensitivity switch with low/high settings and a threshold pot. Connection side, you have an audio output, gate, trig, envelope, and more.

The module is handy for feeding live voices from a microphone or guitars into a modular for processing them further.

Two exciting new modules from Noise Lab. The formant filter in particular sounds very tasty and like ear candy.

Noise Lab Formantic and Tailgater will be released in Summer 2022. Prices TBA.

More information here: Noise Lab 

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