Hot Summer Music Tech & Audio Plugin Deals 2022

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Summary of all Hot Summer Music Tech & Audio Plugin Deals 2022 from trustable shops & developers, easily scrollable on the Synth Anatomy website.

Is it Black Friday again? Not yet but Summer 2022 has started. It’s hot, we sweat, whether inside or outside, and we always love to lick an ice cream to cool down. Not only we are melting but also the prices for Music Tech Gear in the Summer.

For some time now, many developers have organized special sales during Summer where you can save a lot mainly on software products such as plugins, Kontakt libraries, and more. This year’s summer price battle has already begun. Well-known companies such as Native Instruments, Applied Acoustics Systems, iZotope, Softube… have reduced their products.

Hot Summer Music Tech Plugin Deals

Hot Summer Music Tech & Audio Plugin Deals 2022

The summer deals period is no different than the Black Friday weeks. There will be so many deals where you can quickly lose track of them. With this huge selection of deals, the number of falses, criminal offers from fake shops also grows. Be careful with 30€ deals on Komplete 13 or do you want to spend money on cracked software?

I, SYNTH ANATOMY, help you to see through the discount jungle. I summarize them and give you an overview of the best and legal Hot Summer Music Tech & Audio Plugin Deals 2022 including freebies. I categorized them in name, discount, types, and shop offering you a source to find the perfect deal.

And, like every year, I recommend buying direct from trustable resellers. On the one hand, different resellers offer you free plugins on top of your purchase.

  • Plugin Boutique is giving away Audiomodern Playbeat Lite with every purchase throughout the month of June 2022.
  • ADSR Sounds is giving away Arturia TAPE MELLO-FI with every purchase throughout the month of June 2022. A plugin that is part of the latest FX Collection 3 with every

On the other, you are supporting my daily work and the free reporting concept of Synth Anatomy without paying a cent more at checkout. This support is very helpful and I thank you in advance for it.

The list will be constantly updated over the next few days/weeks.

Eventide Pluginpalooza MEGA Sale85% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2022
Softube Summer Sale76% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual Instruments
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/07/2022
Mastering The Mix Summer Sale47% OFF (Up To)Plugins
Mixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique12/07/2022
Heavyocity Summer Sale75% OFF (Up To)PluginsPlugins
Kontakt Libraries
Plugin Boutique15/07/2022
Sonnox Summer Sale81% OFF (Up To) PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique13/07/2022
iZotope Neoverb & VocalSynth 2 Make Music Day Sale 80% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Make Music Day Bundle Sale 90% OFFPlugins
Sample Libraries
Plugin Boutique03/07/2022
Sonible Summer Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique05/07/2022
AAS Summer Sale53% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique
Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO 3 + 3 Months Beatport Streaming Advanced FREE Sale 50% OFFStandaloneDJPlugin Boutique07/08/2022
Softube Wasted Space Intro Sale40% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Toolroom Records INFINITE Intro Sale20% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Klevgrand Fosfat Intro Sale40% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique11/07/2022
Soundwide Intro Bundle98% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
Native Instruments
Plugin Boutique
Softube Model 82 Intro Sale20% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
iZotope Summer Creative FX Bundle Sale96% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Elements Suite Sale 89% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Ozone 9 Sale 75% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope RX 9 Sale92% OFF (Up To)PluginsAudio RepairPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
MeldaProduction MTurboAmp Super Intro Sale78% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Wave Alchemy Bassynth Make Music Day Sale 61% OFFKontakt LibrariesVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Softube Atlantis Dual Chambers Intro Sale20% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Bitwig Studio Summer Sale27% OFF (Up To)DAWDAWPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
MOK Intro Sale 25% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique30/06/2022
Glitchmachines Make Music Day Sale 83% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique03/07/2022
PROCESS.AUDIO Make Music Day Sale40% OFFPluginsMixing and MasteringPlugin Boutique09/07/2022
Karanyi Sounds Make Music Day Bundle Sale 80% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Tracktion MOK Waverazor Make Music Day Sale 30% OFFPlugins SynthesizersPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
BeatSkillz Zodiac Intro Sale50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique15/07/2022
W.A. Production Effects Sale (Exclusive)80% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
W.A Production CHORDS PRO + NOTES Intro Sale63% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique14/07/2022
W.A Production InstaComposer Sale70% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Arturia FX Collection 3 Intro Sale25% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique06/07/2022
Devious Machines Summer Sale31% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Yum Audio Everything Bundle Make Music Day Sale40% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Signum Audio SKYE Dynamics Make Music Day Sale 80% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique x Sampleson Stage54 Make Music Day Sale 29% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Orb Plugins Orb Composer Make Music Day Sale80% OFFStandaloneMIDIPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Robotic Bean Make Music Day Bundle Sale44% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Cherry Audio Lowdown Bass Synthesizer Intro Sale35% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Expressive E Summer Sale40% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique22/08/2022
Expressive E Bundle Sale
50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique22/08/2022
Antares Auto-Tune Upgrade from Access Sale 25% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2022
Audiority Chorus Ensembler Intro Sale40% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique05/07/2022
iZotope Sound Design Bundle Sale (Exclusive)96% OFFPluginsVirtual Instruments
Plugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope BreakTweaker Expanded Sale 95% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Nimbus & R4 Sale96% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Sale 94% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Trash 2 + Expansions Sale89% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
iZotope Nectar 3 Sale92% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Sound Particles Indie Make Music Day Sale 50% OFFStandaloneMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
MeldaProduction MBundles Sale 50% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique03/07/2022
MeldaProduction MCabinet Sale50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Reveal Sound Spire Summer Sale74% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Preset Libraries
Plugin Boutique01/07/2022
Reveal Sound Spire+ Bundle Sale
33% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Preset Libraries
Plugin Boutique01/07/2022
UJAM Usynth Core Make Music Day Sale 50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Wide Blue Sound Orbit Make Music Day Sale30% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Kiive Audio S-Quick Strip Make Music Day Sale46% OFFPluginsMixing.& MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Lunacy Audio CUBE Mini Make Music Day Sale43% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
MNTRA Instruments Make Music Day Sale52% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
W.A. Production Pumping Summer Bundle 202290% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique28/07/2022
Producertech June Sale79% OFF (Up To)CoursesCoursesPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Everything Bundle Make Music Day Sale40% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Cherry Audio PS-20 Synthesizer Make Music Day Sale58% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Cherry Audio Synth & Effects Sale63% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique04/07/2022
Cherry Audio Modular Sale94% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Sugar Bytes Cyclop50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersVST Buzz05/07/2022
Sample Logic Cinematic Keys86% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesAudio Plugin Deals05/07/2022
UJAM Virtual Guitarist AMBER 78% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsAudio Plugin Deals06/07/2022
Red Sounds deForm 2 FX 74% OFFPluginsEffectsAudio Plugin Deals04/07/2022
Martinic LEM Echo Music77% OFFPluginsEffectsAudio Plugin Deals01/07/2022
Native Instruments LO-FI Glow + 3 free months Komplete Now FREE for Focusrite Plugin CollectiveKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesFocusrite06/10/2022
Sound Yeti Ambition Make Music Day Sale34% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Audiority PolyComp Make Music Day Sale77% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
denise Bad Tape 2 Intro Sale33% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2022
Embody Immerse Virtual Studio | Alan Meyerson Intro Sale40% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique10/07/2022
Sugar Bytes Effectrix Make Music Day Sale 42% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Advanced Bundle Sale 25% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique13/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Scaler 2+ Bundle Sale21% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique13/07/2022
Polyverse Summer Sale33% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique11/07/2022
Pitch Innovations Make Music Day Sale 34% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Tracktion Novum Intro Sale
40% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Tracktion Chop Suey Intro Sale40% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audio Damage Phosphor 3 Make Music Day Sale 50% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Blue Cat Audio Plug'n Script Sale20% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique23/07/2022
DopeSONIX Beat Machine 3 Intro Sale50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Sale 50% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansions Sale50% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
SoundSpot Union Bundle Sale94% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique01/09/2022
Initial Audio Sale81% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Virtual Instruments
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique31/07/2022
Positive Grid June Sale56% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Inphonik RX950 Make Music Day Sale 55% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
United Plugins Voxessor Sale74% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique05/07/2022
SubLab+ Bundle Sale 66% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
KV331 SynthMaster 2 Make Music Day Sale 70% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra June Sale 48% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansions Sale50% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audified VocalMint Sale63% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Caelum Audio Flux Pro Make Music Day Sale40% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Keepforest Ferrum Make Music Day Sale (Exclusive)30% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
The Amazonic AMA I Complete Edition Make Music Day Sale 48% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Radio Sale70% OFFPluginsUtilityPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
SoundSpot Vocal Production Bundle Sale 98% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique01/09/2022
Soundspot Producers Bundle Sale99% OFFPluginsEffects
Mixing & Mastering
Plugin Boutique01/09/2022
Korg Summer Sale50% OFF (Up To) Plugins
iOS Apps
BFD Dark Farm Intro Sale33% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique08/08/2022
Orb Plugins Orb Synth Sale89% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
Strix Instruments PRIPYAT Pianos Sale90% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique01/01/2023
Strix Instruments EMISYNTH Sale 80% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique01/01/2023
Serum Presets Bundle Make Music Day Sale44% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/01/2022
W.A Production Preset Pack Sale52% OFF (Up To)Preset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique13/04/2023
Venomode Complexer 2 Sale50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique27/06/2022
W.A Production Babylon & Expansions Bundle Sale68% OFFPluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
BeatSkillz Make Music Day Bundle Sale 85% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
SongWish reMIDI 2 Make Music Day Sale75% OFFPluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Loot Audio June Sale 85% OFF (Up To)Kontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique10/07/2022
RawCutz Make Music Day Sale50% OFFSample LibrariesSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique10/07/2022
Beat Zampler Expansions Sale62% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Stagecraft Synth Sale 80% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizersPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
e-instruments Session Keys Grand Y Make Music Day Sale50% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Rigid Audio Everything Bundle Make Music Day Sale97% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Plugin Boutique Presets June Sale73% OFF (Up To)Preset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Organic Loops Strings Sale50% OFFSample LibrariesSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Caelum Audio Smoov Sale30% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Diginoiz Hattricks Make Music Day Sale57% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audified ToneSpot Sale 66% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique12/07/2022
Frontline Producer Sample Packs Sale54% OFF (Up To)Sample LibrariesSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audiority Massive Dubstep Presets Sale 80% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
SONiVOX Essential Keyboard Collection Sale82% OFFPluginsVirtual InstrumentsPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic Bundle Sale50% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Audiority The Forge Sale84% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Beat Zampler Synth Classics Revival Expansion Bundle 72% OFFPreset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique02/07/2022
Venomode Maximal 3 Sale 50% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
Niche Audio Make Music Day Sale45% OFF (Up To)Sample LibrariesSample LibrariesPlugin Boutique01/07/2022
Cinematique Instruments Lute Sale30% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique04/07/2022
BFD Expansions Flash Sale35% OFF (Up To)Preset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Sonuscore Time Textures Intro Sale20% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique05/07/2022
Mellowmuse CS1V Console Channel 25% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
Soundiron Waterharp Sale25% OFFKontakt LibrariesKontakt LibrariesPlugin Boutique03/07/2022
BFD Expansions Flash Sale46% OFF (Up To)Preset LibrariesPreset LibrariesPlugin Boutique10/07/2022
Solid State Logic SSL X-Gate Intro Sale30% OFFPluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique28/07/2022
OSL Side Effects + Hex Drum Bundle65% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
ADSR Sounds07/07/2022
ADSR Sounds Super Smash Sale 95% OFF (Up To)PluginsSynthesizers
Mixing & Mastering
ADSR Sounds08/07/2022
UJAM Summer Madness Sale75% OFF (Up To)PluginsVirtual Instruments
Plugin Boutique17/07/2022
D16 Group Manufacturer Focus Sale40% OFFPluginsSynthesizers
Plugin Boutique31/07/2022
Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ Sale50% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique17/07/2022
Baby Audio Summer Sale50% OFF (Up To)PluginsEffectsBaby Audio
Plugin Boutique
Tokyo Dawn Labs Summer Flash Sale40% OFF (Up To)PluginsMixing & MasteringPlugin Boutique06/07/2022
W.A. Production InstaChord & Expansions Sale79% OFF (Up To)PluginsMIDIPlugin Boutique31/07/2022
HY-Plugins FX Bundle Sale 30% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/08/2022
Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb Intro Sale35% OFFPluginsEffectsPlugin Boutique31/07/2022

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