Superbooth 22: Bastl Instruments Pizza digital shaping oscillator & Softpop SP2 update

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Superbooth 22: Bastl Instruments introduced Pizza, a mighty digital shaping oscillator and a digital VCO update for the Softpop SP2 semi-modular Synthesizer. 

Ikarie from Bastl Instruments and Casper Electronics is one of the dual analog filter highlights of recent years. At least for me. It is a special filter that not only dampens signals but also colors them like no other.

For Superbooth 22, Bastl Instruments continued along with this path and presented Pizza, an oscillator that is just as special and experimental as the Ikarie filter.

Superbooth 22 Bastl Instruments Pizza

Bastl Instruments Pizza

The Bastl Instruments Pizza is something for gourmets with fresh mozzarella, spicy, juicy salami… almost. In this case, Pizza is something for the sound connoisseurs in the Eurorack world. It’s a new compact 8HP digital oscillator with hybrid synthesis and advanced wave shaping options.

The core consists of three oscillators, a main oscillator with phase modulation and folding option and two other are modulation oscillators. It uses an additive synthesis with a unique take on FM and waveshaping. This is joined by subtractive synthesis with pulse and octave output.

It gets richer with the built-in FM index crossfader that goes between operators and a ratio oscillator. It gives you tons of different FM timbres. There are also different methods onboard that let you shape the signal in different sound directions. Including wave shaping, wave folding, and ring modulation.

Unique is here that Pizza uses a different approach to tuning without being tuned like a classic oscillator. You go to the tune ode when you actually need to. Otherwise, the pitch knob serves as either octave transpose or detune.

Bastl’s own VCO was brainstormed ever since we started producing modules, but Pizza has been in active development for the past 3 and a half years. It was developed by a team centered around our junior developer Martin Klecl, coded by Florian Helling, and supervised by Václav Peloušek, with contributions from Lennart Schierling and the whole Bastl team.


Also, the control approach is different. You can assign the CTRL knob on the right side to all sorts of things including linear or exponential FM, oscillators, octave, detune, ratio, shaping, folding…

Definitely not a “more of the same” Eurorack oscillator but a wild one that offers a lot. Like a fully topped pizza, baked in a stone oven with portion of extra juice.

Bastl Instruments Softpop 2 SP2 Update

Besides the new Pizza oscillator, Bastl Instruments also introduces a free update for its Softpop 2 SP2 experimental semi-modular Synthesizer. The latest collaboration between Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics and Václav Peloušek of Bastl Instruments

The new update unlocks a new digital VCO hidden inside the SP2 firmware. The digital oscillator has several new waveforms (generated on the original analog Triangle output) and gains the tuning precision and stability of a digital VCO.

Bastl Instruments Pizza will be available in early June 2022 for 297€ (incl. tax) or $270 USD.

More information here: Bastl Instruments 

Bastl Instruments Pizza is available for pre-order at our partner

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