NAMM 2022: Nina 12-voice analog polysynth with motorized knobs

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At NAMM 2022 new synth company ToneLab will announce Nina, a new 12-voice analog polysynth with motorized knobs, here is a teaser.

After Superbooth 22 comes NAMM 2022. Yes, things got a bit muddled this year. The reason will know. There will also be new synthesizer products at NAMM 2022. One has now popped up on social media.

A new synth company from Melbourne Australia, not Austria, will introduce a new analog polysynth with a special concept.

Nina polysynth

Nina Analog Polysynth

Nina will be a new 12-voice analog polysynth with two VCOs (tune & width controls), a mixer with a blending option between the oscillators, wave, and XOR cross-modulation. There is also a variable-shaped filter with its own ADSR, a VCA with an ADSR, and some ffects.

Interesting but nothing groundbreaking in terms of synthesis. But if you look at the interface in the teaser (YouTube/Instagram), you immediately notice the “magic” knobs. It appears it will feature motorized knobs, a functionality we know on mixing console. Here implemented in a synthesizer. The idea is exciting.

Even though you can store presets on many of today’s hardware synthesizers, the knobs do not reflect the position of these saved settings. Something that is more convenient and simple in software. Very little is currently known about this new Synthesizer. It’s exciting to see how deeply this motorizing function is embedded in the engine.


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Next, you have to see how durable they are. We’re talking about motorized knobs, where the electronics can break. How long do they last, how easy are they to replace, etc. Nothing can be said about this at the moment.

According to the developer, Nina is a desktop synth that can fit inside a 19” rack.

I’m looking forward to all information, sound demos, etc. For info: I won’t be at NAMM this year, sorry.

More information here: Tonelab TV

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