Spitfire Audio Polaris, an epic orchestral granular Synthesizer plugin with BT

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Spitfire Audio Polaris is an epic orchestral granular Synthesizer plugin with over 40GB of sound content made in collaboration with BT. 

Spitfire Audio from the UK is one of the best known and best developers when it comes to detailed orchestra libraries. To me, they are the industry leaders because their products have an extreme level of detail and versatility that I rarely see in others.

Many libraries focus on orchestral sounds that can be used for film scores or classical music. They also have impressive sound content for electronic musicians. And with Polaris, another exciting library premiered this week.

Spitfire Audio Polaris

Polaris is perfect for creating the most modern and unique compositions possible, this sound library delivers an intricate layering of all-new extended string techniques imitating classic synths sounds, orchestrated by BT, brought together with synths and tape resampling to create dense and provoking new timbres, creating a widescreen cinematic sound world

Spitfire Audio Polaris

Polaris is a new virtual instrument from Spitfire Audio and electronic music and technologist Brian Transeau aka BT. More precisely, it’s an “orchestral Synthesizer ” that merges synthesis with sampling. The basis of the instruments consists of three parts: organic strings orchestra, classic synths, and vintage resampling.

For achieving these strings sounds, Spitfire Audio has put the focus on a modern string orchestra that uses special organic playing techniques to imitate classic synth and electronic sounds. On top, they deeply captured iconic sounds from legendary synths like the CS-80, Prophet T8, Oberheim OB-Xa, Prophet 5…

Spitfire Audio Polaris

Besides string and vintage synth recordings, the developers created a sound set using vintage resampling. They resampled sounds into vintage rare synthesizers/samplers (Fairlight, EMU E-II, Ensoniq Mirage…) to add character and a unique vintage vibe to them. The result of this work is a stunning library that has over 40GB of sound content.

eDNA Engine Now With Granular

Spitfire Audio’s in-house eDNA engine powers Polaris. There are two layers that you can fill with any sound content from the library. You can manipulate them using pitching,  filtering, or other effects, add modulation (envelopes…), layer, and blend them all in an easy-to-use interface.

Further, the highlight of Polaris is the introduction of an all-new granular engine inside the eDNA engine that lets you dive instantly into new sonic worlds with the existing sound content. In total, the sound library gives you 129 articulations including 94 from the original string performances and 35 layered ‘Synergy’ patches for use in the eDNA engine.

You can explore out-of-the-box 421 presets crafted by BT himself and the Spitfire Team. Plus, it comes with 54 noises sources recorded by BT in his synth studio.

This is a remarkable work by Spitfire Audio and BT. The sound demos sound rich and epic. A simple note triggers a wall of sound here. Anyone looking for orchestral sounds for an upcoming electronic music project should take a closer look at Polaris.

Spitfire Audio Polaris is available now for an introductory price of 269€ instead of 349€. It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) and Windows.

More information here: Spitfire Audio

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