Reason Studios BV-X, a creative multimode vocoder for Reason

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Reason Studios BV-X is a new creative multimode vocoder rack extension for Reason with a built-in wavetable synth and inspiring effects processors. 

If you want your voice to sound like a robot or to alienate it in an extreme way, then you can’t get past a vocoder. It’s often a simple tool but one that is capable to create very unique timbres. As a reminder: the concept is based on a modulator and carrier signal where the modulator is split into frequency bands after an analysis.

Now Reason users can also benefit from a new vocoder effect rack extension. Reason+ users get instant free access to BV-X, the latest release of RS.

Reason Studios BV-X multimode vocoder

Reason Studios BV-X

BV-X is a new vocoder rack extension for Reason with a rich feature set. The core consists of a classic architecture with a carrier, modulator, and the vocoder. The carrier can be either the internal synth engine or an external signal.

The built-in wavetable synth engine offers everything you need to get classic vocoder sounds in seconds. You can explore 20 wavetables as well as a harmonic mixer for deep sound design journeys. Wavetable synth or external signal, it’s your sound choice.

Then, the incoming audio (modulator) will shape the sound of the built-in synth (carrier). It features an autoplay function that will track BV-X along with your voice. You can set a scale and play the keyboard for instant tracking harmonies.

The main vocoder core consists of two vocoder modes: vintage and modern covering everything from retro crunch up to clarity. It gives you control over the filter bands but also novel ones for the bass response, stereo widening, and in-depth parameters for the frequencies. If you want to go deeper, you can also draw your own frequency shapes. This gives you endless tweak possibilities.

Reason Studios BV-X

Further, you have a modulation matrix with an additional ADSR envelope for putting the parameters and vocoder sound in motion. An additional effect section gives you 8-voice unison, six effects (buffering aka granulizer, ring mod, lo-fi…) tailored for creative vocal processing, and a lush reverb.

Modular Patching

On the backside, you can find, of course, virtual CV and audio inputs and outputs to connect BV-X to other devices in the Reason Rack. Thus, you can use the vocoder rack extension in the same Reason modular way.

Reason Studios ships his new rack extension with 150+ presets that give you an instant overview of the sonic range of this new vocoder.

At first glance a nice, powerful vocoder with interesting little twists.

Reason Studios BV-X Multimode Vocoder is available now for 109€ as a rack extension for Reason. It is also available for free as part of the Reason+ subscription. It is compatible with Reason 10.1 and later.

More information here: Reason Studios 

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