TAL-Software TAL-DRUM, a new easy-to-use gimmick-free drum sampler plugin

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TAL-Software has released TAL-DRUM, a new easy-to-use drum sampler plugin with up to 32 assignable multi-layer pads, internal resampling, and more. 

TAL-Software is an independent developer best known for its excellent emulations of vintage Roland synthesizers. He also has a sampler in the portfolio, which is very easy and intuitive to work with. Very focused on the main features, no GUI gimmics and very affordable.

Today the developer introduced another sampler plugin one that is specially designed for drum sounds. With the same design concept as the TAL sampler: simplicity instead of overcrowded with features. And that is inspired by drum samplers from the 80s.



TAL-DRUM is a new drum sampler plugin that promises to be easy-to-use, super-fast and intuitive. Unlike the TAL sampler, this plugin focuses on short samples (drums…) and loops. Bit of what Native Instruments’ Battery is only in the clothes and with the features of TAL Software.

It consists of 32 pads with 4 mapping layers with its own velocity range each. You can display 16 or 32 pad at a time, depending on how you want to work. Pads can also be named and colored with your own name and color. There are 32 voice groups available and every group can up to 16 voices. The engine is not just a simple drum playback engine but one that allows you to shape your samples in different ways.

Starting with an advanced slice option that allows you to slice samples and apply them with a few clicks to the pads. Auto-slice and also slicing in equal slices with a given sample Bpm value is possible. The engine offers different time-stretch algorithms including a vintage Ak4I cycle time stretcher.


Internal Recording

A highlight is the possibility to record samples directly in the plugin from the main or side-chain stereo input channels, i.e. resampling. The TAL-DRUM engine also includes different filter models that can be animated using the built-in modulation matrix.

You can find here a multi-wave LFO, two AHDSR envelopes, a spline-based envelope which are available for the filter or other parameters. Another handy functionality are the cycle and random-robin modes. You can configure them for two or more pads when they have the same MIDI note assigned or in the pad’s mappings.

TAL-DRUM lo-fi

Further, you get built-in lo-fi effects that let you change the way the plugin resamples. They affect the internal sample rate and bit depth of the engine. It also include a shaping module (hard clip/saturation) and a dynamic processor.

Sounds can be routed to up to 16 stereo outputs that gives you the full flexibility on your audio signals. TAL-Software ships the plugin with more than 20 factory kits and 600+ samples by Goldbaby, emptyvessel, Solidtrax and Saif Sameer. Alternatively, you can also import your own samples in the plugin. It supports most common audio formats including wav, aif, flac, ogg, mp3…

A very solid drum sampler at first glance. It reminds me a lot of the NI Battery sampler but with a simpler and more intuitive design. If Battery was previously too expensive for you, you get here a more affordable alternative with a lot of features.

TAL-Software TAL-DRUM is available now with an 20% OFF introductory discount for 52,70€ incl. VAT. It runs as a 64-bit only VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + M1), Windows, and Linux.

More information here: TAL Software

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