BVR-Instruments TS1: new hands-on note and trigger sequencer for Eurorack

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BVR-Instruments TS1 is a new sequencer module for Eurorack that offers advanced hands-on note and trigger sequencing across multiple channels.

Choosing the right Eurorack sequencer can be tricky. Do you want a hands-on device that sequences in the classic way or do you want the craziest extras with which you explore generative composing.You often have to make a decision. The perfect mix is difficult because more features lead to deeper menus and are therefore less intuitive.

With the TS1, the new developer BVR-Instruments has introduced a new sequencer for the Euroland with a red faceplate, which focuses on classic sequencing.

BVR-Instruments TS1

BVR-Instruments TS1

The TS-1 is a new note and trigger sequencer which comes with a very classic approach. No innovative algorithms or magic tools, the user programs everything here from notes, patterns, and scenes with its creativity and fingers. The input is made using buttons, encoders, and a screen. Alternatively, you can use the MIDI in. BVR-Instruments says the module has the aim to be the bridge between your modular and MIDI setup.

TS-1 features 4 channels of note sequencing with up to 64 steps per pattern and 99 patterns in total. 3 channels are monophonic and fourth is in polyphony. So the first three are suitable for basslines, lead sounds and the last for keys or pads. It also hosts 2 channels of drums, each with 4 tracks also with 64 steps per pattern and 99 patterns. In total, the module supports up to 198 trigger patterns and 198 note patterns with 98 chord patterns on the polyphonic track. There is a song mode where you chain pattern to an entire live set.

According to the developer, all six channels are only available via MIDI. However, you can access the first mono channels of sequencing via the CV/Gate inputs and the first trigger channel via the trigger output sockets on the front panel. A somewhat special concept.

At first look an interesting sequencer for Eurorack. Instead of being loaded with special features, the TS-1 focuses on the essentials of sequencing that I like. This also makes it a bit easier to use. It’s nice to see that it hosts MIDI on classic big sockets, which is rarely found in Eurorack. Plus, the possibility of working with chords is also nice.

BVR-Instruments TS1 is available now for 389€.

More information here: BVR-Instruments 

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