Behringer JT-4000 micro, $49 compact JP-8000 inspired mini synth, sound demo

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JT-4000 micro, Roland JP-8000 inspired hybrid Synthesizer from Behringer in small with analog filter and for an unbeatable price of $49

There are some updates to Behringer’s JP-8000 inspired Synthesizer. First, there is a name change. It is no longer called JP-4000 but JT-4000 micro.  Behringer also changed the design. The JT-4000 now has black touch keys and USB-C. Very positive, micro-USB no longer has to be in 2022.

A short sound demo of the JT-4000 is now also available and sounds very solid. The synth also has the Supersaw in it so it suits very well for trance/dance music what you can also hear in the demo.

Behringer JT-4000 micro

Article February 25th, 2022

Yesterday Behringer showed the Pro-VS, a hybrid synth that is heavily inspired on the Sequential Prophet VS. Different than usual, in a mini, compact format for an estimated price of $99 USD. If you read through the comments, you realize that the design polarizes opinions, which is not bad.

Behringer noted yesterday that there are more. And today they show another mini Synthesizer and it will be the most affordable that Behringer has built to date.

Behringer JP-4000

Behringer JP-4000

Uli Behringer’s goal has always been to build synthesizers for everyone. Regardless of whether you have a large or a very small budget. That’s what the company says on their Facebook post:

When Uli was 16, he built his first synthesizer because he couldn’t afford to buy one. This experience defined his later career to build musical equipment and make it affordable for everyone. It was his dream to one day deliver a synthesizer everyone could afford so kids could be introduced to music at an early stage. This day has come.

According to information, he has achieved this goal with the new JP-4000. The JP-4000 is a super affordable ($49) hybrid Synthesizer that is inspired by the Roland JP-8000 supersaw engine. It consists of a 4-voice hybrid engine that combines analog-modelling oscillators with analog filtering.

You get two virtual analog oscillators per voice with different waveforms including the iconic Supersaw waveform from the Roland JP-8000. Then, it has a 2-operator FM engine giving you options to add clear digital sounds to the warm VA sounds. The JP-4000 also hosts an analog filter for warm and natural sound says Behringer.

 Behringer JP-4000

On the modulation side, you get two ADSR envelopes (filter and amp) as well as two LFOs for controlling the filter and oscillator tuning. There are no effects on board at first glance, but you can’t have everything for this asking price. An arpeggiator with 3 patterns and hold function is also onboard.

You can save up to 32 presets in the memory and uses the SynthTribe app to expand it. The synth is controlled with four knobs, 6 buttons and a mini OLED display for easy and immediate parameter editing. Like the Pro-VS, it comes with a touch-sensitive keyboard, this time with 16 notes. According to B, they uses a 12-bit DAC to achieve the classic sounds.

Connection side, there is a USB micro port for powering it via your phone, power bank… or to play it via a USB/MIDI keyboard. A classic MIDI interface is missing at first glance but you get a comprehensive USB/MIDI implementation including NRPN/CC controls for all parameters. That’s great. Audio goes out on a classic 3.5mmm stereo jack.

First Impression

At first sight an interesting little hybrid Synthesizer for an unbeatable price. That was the goal and I think they succeeded. You can discuss the design, I can live with it. For me it’s not a feast for the eyes but for the price, it’s hard to criticize. $49 USD is a statement and certainly challenges the well-known Korg Monotrons. With the difference here you get a complete Synthesizer.

Behringer JP-4000 will cost $49 USD and will start shipping in June from the factory.

More information here: Behringer

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    • I’m down for all of the others. have enough VA for now. it nails that saw-techno sound!

      these little guys will be awesome euroracked too!

  1. So unexpected. It’s impressive what they’ve fit into this thing. I mean that for ALL the tiny desktop synths people create including the Volcas, Modal, Bastl, meeblip, etc. Though none of them will satisfy everyone. I’m always a little bit bummed when USB midi is used instead of center pin power and regular midi but that’s a minor personal issue.

    p.s. Uli, please make a touchplate eurorack controller! They don’t need to be $700 like a certain overpriced company offers.

  2. Awesome – put this in the hands of every 3-year old and get them started early with synthesizers, sound creation, and music

  3. As a huge fan of classic late 90s and early 2000s trance, the original Roland JP-8000/8080 Supersaw is a love of mine. If this new Behringer synth really comes out for $49, I will be buying it instantly the second it is released. I’m also equally likely to buy that new Prophet VS vector synthesis hardware when it comes out for $99, because at these prices even I can justify buying them! I’ve been putting off buying new gear for sooooooo long and still have virtually no music hardware except for an Electribe due to lack of money, but $99 is totally insane for a piece of sophisticated hardware. Even Korg Volcas aren’t that damn cheap!

  4. Love it! Can’t wait to interface with some of my 80’s and 90’s Roland and Korg synths. Synthesis really sounds like a labor of love for you guys.

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