Behringer Saturn, $99 Roland Jupiter-inspired poly analog Synthesizer

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Behringer Saturn packs an inspired Roland Jupiter engine in a compact, polyphonic analog Synthesizer with motion sequencer for just $99.

Behringer’s first analogue clones/replicas came as a module for the Eurorack format. With the Pro-VS and JP-4000 they have taken an interesting new direction. They are packing the legendary engines in small, compact and super affordable synths for under $100.

Today they are already showing the third from the new series. Saturn is the name and it looks back on the Japanese synth history.

Behringer Saturn

Behringer Saturn

Saturn is Behringer’s compact take on the Roland Jupiter analog Synthesizer series from the 80s. It has a pure analog signal path and features three VCOs with four selectable waves including saw, triangle, square and pulse waveforms. The latter offers PWM and there is a pitch mod and detune for all other waveforms as well.

Then, you get a “vintage” multi-mode filter with 2 and 4 poles with resonance and modulation options (LFO, envelope). Taking about modulation. It has a single envelope (VCA) and a multi-wave LFO with different mod destinations. The LFO has saw, triangle, square, and random waves for all kinds of modulation effects.

Saturn can be played in different ways. Either with the 27 touch-sensitive keys in poly mode, unison or arpeggiator. Yes, there is an arpeggiator onboard with different play direction. Or you use the 16-step motion sequencer with 8 memory slots. It also allows to record parameters in it which makes it very creative.

Behringer Saturn

If you prefer using a classic keys, there is also a MIDI input allowing you to connect a MIDI keyboard to it. According to Behringer, it has a comprehensive MIDI implementation including NRPN/CC control of all parameters. A micro USB power is used for power supply and thus allows you to power it via a smartphone, power bank or computer. I would be more happy about a USB-C port, maybe that can still be changed. There is also a sync input and output.

How much polyphony? Behringer says “Saturn has 3 note polyphony with 1 paraphonic filter. Polyphony describes the amount of notes you can simultaneously play while paraphony defines the articulation of the filters”.


According to Behringer, the Saturn Synthesizer is complete and ready to go into production. However, they wait for the chips, which delays the whole thing.

Another interesting compact Synthesizer at an unbeatable price. I like the idea of these inspired synthesizers much better because they gives you the classic sounds but with modern features like a motion sequencer and MIDI CC.

Behringer Saturn will be available for a suggested price of $99 USD. Availability TBA.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. With 3 VCOs it will probably be 3x polyphonic. The detune knob will be for the unison mode.
    So “Saturn” is not referenced to the “Jupiter” but more to the “Juno”.

  2. “Saturn” oh you. I love motion sequencing and think these are just adorable. Definitely appreciate MIDI. I’m looking forward to sound examples though. And I’m sure people will over-scrutinize these but they’re $100 or less. Make noise with them or don’t.

  3. Huh, so it’s kind of a Roland flavoured take on the Volca Keys. Seems like a cool idea, will have to wait and see how it turns out in actual implementation.

  4. With polychain that will make 6 voices for 200€, not bad at all.. let’s wait to hear some sounds…

    • No MIDI-out, no polychain. And with paraphony you would get 6 OSCs with 2 filters – that’d be hardly playable. But Behringer says, they are working on a bigger version of this one.

  5. Behringer is a very clever man. when he started his synth project he already knew that economics are driven into the general direction of “masses of consuments being pure fucks” in the long run. in the near future they may still have enough to buy someething around the 500bucks range when he started, now the ecnomic deprivation starts slowly in full effect and all whats left is synths for 100bucks. the other side of the medal is, future rotten anlageobjekte for zahnwälte or a handful of wealthy musicians.
    well…lets appreciate what we get, shall we?

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