Walrus Audio MAKO M1, a high-fidelity modulation machine with 18 effects

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The new Walrus Audio M1 is the fourth pedal from the MAKO series: a high-fidelity modulation machine packed with 18 unique effects.

Since we’re already on pedals, let’s stick with Walrus Audio. In addition to the updated D1 V2, there is now also a pedal from the MAKO series for modulations. And that has a lot to offer.

It has all the modulations a musician of 2022 needs. From classic to exotic types.

Walrus Audio MAKO M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine

Walrus Audio MAKO M1

The MAKO M1 is a new stereo modulation pedal. Nope, it is named M1 but it doesn’t feature an Apple M1 chip, hehe. Walrus Audio focuses on emulations of analog-style modulation effects. It offers 6 different modulation categories, each with three types giving you 18 different modulation effects in total.

  • chorus: classic, double chorus, tri-phase
  • phaser: 70s style phaser including 2-stage/4-stage phase and uni-vibe
  • tremolo: traditional, harmonic, pattern sequencer
  • vibrato: traditional 60s style vibrato, vinyl record, tape vibrato
  • rotary: traditional, horn spin/drum sound, drum spin horn sound
  • filter: lowpass, highpass, bandpass

There are controls that allows you to shape the effect. For the basic modulation settings, there are controls for the rate and depth. Then for more advanced settings, you get controls for the tone, symmetry (in stereo mode), X- and Y parameter for every effect type. Plus, the tweak controls features (LFO), div (subdivision), and type (effect type).

Not to be forgotten is the lo-fi knob that allows you to mix lo-fi parameters to every effect. You can degrade, warp or even space out your modulation effects. Great for adding subtle movement or texture to the effect.

Walrus Audio MAKO M1

Stereo Operation

The M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine will run in both mono or stereo .Just like its other brothers/sisters. It also features the ability to update the firmware with USB, the latest update on the MAKO D1 V2.

Additional, you get two foot switch controls. One activates the lo-fi effect, enables the bypass and another momentarily engage a “skipping” effect. It can be described as a needle skipping on a record player.

At first glance it looks like an exciting modulation pedal. One that can not only be classic but also creative and playful timbres.

Walrus Audio MAKO M1 will be available soon for 369€/$349 USD/£319.

More information here: Walrus Audio

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