Reason 12 video series with Algoritm review & last chance to grab Reason + 12 months with 50% OFF

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New Reason 12 video series covers the new inspiring player devices Bassline Generator, Pattern Mutator and a review of the Algoritm fm synth. Last chance to grab Reason + with a 50% OFF discount.

I’ve long been a fan of Reason’s built-in instruments and effects. I bought Reason many years ago and so far I have sent the sounds to my DAW via Rewire. However, the DAW and the its workflow never convinced me to switch completely from Ableton Live.

In 2019, Reason Studios (ex Propellerhead Software) took the step that made me very happy. They introduced the Reason Rack plugin that allows you to use all the best-known Reason instruments and effects in your DAW without Rewire or other audio bridge. I did a review of R11 Rack plugin and named it as one of the best software of 2019. Even if there were still some weaknesses.

Reason + 50% OFF

Reason 12

In 2021, Reason Studios released Reason 12 and Reason+, an optional subscription service with which you get the DAW and all the instruments, effects and updates in one bundle. So far I haven’t had the time to look at the new Reason with the new devices and improvements. But now I have made up for this in the Christmas season.

But thanks to Sweetwater, there was now an opportunity to take a closer look at the new Reason 12 and Reason +. A new video series was created in collaboration with them. In which I give you an overview of the latest Reason releases. Including two inspiring Player devices and a new FM Synthesizer that are not included in the R12 update but in R+. 

The latter is called Algoritm and is a new FM Synthesizer with a fresh, hybrid design. With many elements that are reminiscent of the Korg opsix.

Bassline Generator & Pattern Mutator

Two creative player devices are also new. The very latest is the Bassline Generator, a TB-303 injected sequencer on steroid. Thanks to its clever engine, new sequences can be designed with just a few clicks.

The other is Pattern Mutator. A classic step sequencer that is based on the Roland SH-101 Synthesizer. Only the input of the steps is reminiscent of the classic, everything else is very modern. It has a pattern mutation engine with which you can transform existing patterns into new ones in a matter of seconds.

A complete review of the R12 update will follow in January. Currently, there is relatively little interest in Reason Devices on the Synth Anatomy YouTube channel. Let me know if I want to know more about it or not. A combinator video is planned but not yet sure whether it will be published.

Reason + 50% OFF

For all interested in Reason +, you can save 50% OFF on the annual subscription until tomorrow. It’s the best deal so far to try out the new service.

Reason 12 is available now for 499€ and upgrades starts at 199€. Reason + is available. now with a 50% OFF discount on the annual subscription ($99 USD instead of $199 USD) or 50% OFF on the monthly subscription for the first 6 months. The deal is available on Reason Studios and at official retails like Sweetwater. It’s the last chance as the deal is only valid until December 31, 2021.

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