Cosmotronic Messor & Peradam, compressor and distortion modules with side-chain

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Cosmotronic has unveiled two new analog Eurorack modules: Messor a clever stereo compressor and Peradam a distortion, both with a twist. 

Cosmotronic from the Netherlands was able to convince with its first modules. Whether it’s the Delta-V or Cosmix, both very nice modules with lots of features. At the beginning of 2021, they went all-in with the Vortex, a massive thru zero complex complex oscillator.

The developers also has something new for the end of the year. Smaller, but more refined.

Cosmotronic Messor Peradam

Cosmotronic Messor

Messor is an 8HP analog stereo compressor with clever features. The look of the interface is lovely in my opinion. I like a lot the glowing color accents but now back to the hard facts. Its analog core is a VCA based feed-forward compressor and low noise signal path. According to Cosmotronic, the big highlights is its side-chaining functionality. It all starts with a switchable high pass/lowpass filter, before it goes forward into a precision envelope follower. You can take the envelope out to control other modules what is handy.

Alternatively you can trigger the gain reduction via the side-chain input great for percussive sounds. You get here all classic compression controls like attack, release, threshold, and gain. As you know from hard- and software compressors. With the difference that you can CV control the attack, release, and the side-chain filter cutoff via the dedicated inputs. That’s the modular bonus.

Interesting: the compressor also works nicely at a very high ratio. Here you enter into over-compression that let you reshape the transients. It also has a warm mode for additional saturation with analog tube simulation. Then, you get a super handy bypass switch that allows you to easily re-patch the module. A function that you rarely find in Eurorack.

Cosmotronic Peradam

Can it be a little dirtier and warmer? Yes the second new module from Cosmotronic is for you. Peradam is an analog distortion module with a twist. Like Messor, it also has an internal side-chain functionality. Any input signal is split between the main VCA and side-chain. First, the side-chain signal is phase modulated, then ring modulated by itself which creates a signal at twice the frequency of the original. This signal then modulates the amplitude of the VCA, creating complex self distortions in the main signal.

The output then travels further into a dual band drive circuit and a soft clipper on the output stage. Because you can’t have enough character, it also has a feedback circuit built-in that let you push the signal into self-oscillation by routing the output back into the input. This creates wild, rich feedback tones. If that’s not enough, there’s an handy +6dB gain switch as well with which you can add more drive to your signal.

On the front panel, you get three knobs and four sliders inviting you to tweak and discover new destruction worlds. Nice is here the blend slider that allows you to adjust precisely the amount of distortion you want.

Two exciting modules with a clever set of features to look forward to in 2022.

The pre-orders for the new Cosmotronic module are open now. Cosmotronic Messor will be available for 230€ and Peradam for 270€. Shipping starts for both modules in January 2022.

More information here: Cosmotronic 

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