DivKid is back with a new video about logic in Eurorack featuring EAS from Instruo

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DivKid is back with a new in-depth tutorial video about the usage of logic in Eurorack featuring the latest Instruo module EAS.

The last video was released in February, 8 months ago. After this, it was quiet, very quiet (noiseless) about the famous Eurorack YouTuber DivKid. After that, it was quiet, very quiet. So quiet that some wild rumors (stopped with YouTube …) surfaced. The good news today. No, he has not stopped, he is even back in its old premium quality.

A big welcome back from me. I think a lot of Eurorack users have missed your excellent content. The first DivKid video after the long break is about Logic modules in Eurorack. These are small, super-versatile tools that can enrich every system with clever functions. For the video, he uses the new EAS module from Instruo, that I covered in a dedicated news article.


Hello and welcome to my ultimate guide to using boolean logic gates creatively and musically for music synthesis. This video is a demo of the eas Eurorack module by Instruo but it’s also an in depth tutorial on all things logic with a “DivKid’s Logic 101” beginners guide to logic gates that ramps right through more advanced patch based problem solving.

eas is a multi channel logic module with 4 logic gates and 7 simultaneous outputs in 4HP. It also featuring some clever normalising of inputs and outputs to allow for a greater amount of varied signals from less inputs.

Logic can be such a great problem solver for a Eurorack system that I jumped at the chance to make this video a hybrid of demoing a specific Eurorack module but also making something that can serve as a tutorial for the use of logic gates anywhere you may find them, in any format.

We’ll be turning basic clocks into melodies, making unique beats from simple gate sources, syncing up sloppy playing, processing audio with CMOS style ring modulation, creating possibly the greatest gated fuzz fx and plenty more. The timing index is below so you can skip around and the find the right sections to suit.

Instruo is available now for pre-order for $199 USD.

More information here: Instruo

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