Superbooth 21: Jomox Moonwind MkII, analog stereo filter box with effects, first look

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Superbooth 21: Jomox brings back its analog stereo filter box Moonwind in a MkII version with built-in effects, sequencer & more, first look

Jürgen Michaelis aka Jomox brought two big new announcements to Superbooth 21. On the one hand, there is an 8-voice poly FM synth voice for Eurorack with an analog filter. As described in detail in the article before. In addition to this, a product from the past is also making a comeback.

Jomox’s standalone stereo analog filter box Moonwind is back in new MkII clothes. Michael promised new features but also an improved user interface for the Moonwind mk2. He confessed in my interview video that the operation was a bit too complicated. And there was also something to celebrate at SB 21: Jomox is celebrating 25 years, Happy Birthday.

Jomox Moonwind MkII

Jomox Moonwind MkII

Like the predecessor, Moonwind MkII is a standalone filter box with two channels. The filters are based on discrete designs. For each filter, you have dedicated cutoff, Q, and resonance controls. So you can set the filters separately from each other and process each channel completely differently. You can also link the channels with a link function. But it’s more than just a simple filter box.

The real fun starts with the built-in sequencer with which you can modulate the three filter parameters of each channel. With this, you bring motion in the filtering process. The programming of the sequences is new. You can draw in the steps by simply moving your finger over a touch X/Y pad.

The new version also got its own sound engine with VCO, noise, and modulators. You can mix it with the audio inputs or use it alone. Plus, you turn Moonwind MkII into a multi-effects processor by using the included effects including delay, and reverb.

Also, the front panel got a refresh. It now has a better screen that displays more information. The MW Mk2 can also be integrated into modular systems thanks to the new CV ins/outs. For example, cutoff 1 & 2 as well as the VCA are now fully controllable via the three CV inputs on the front panel. In addition, there are six mappable CV inputs for modulating further parameters. Both cutoff sequence channels also output CV signals and all functions are also controllable with MIDI.

Jomox Moonwind MkII First Look

Jürgen gave me an in-depth first look at the new Moonwind MkII. It’s currently a prototype, but it sounds very rich and versatile. As a fan of standalone filter boxes. I’m more excited to see it make a comeback. Looking forward to checking out the final release in 2022.

Jomox Moonwind MkII will arrive in mid 2022 for an estimated price of 800€.

More information here: Jomox 

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  1. Alright dadgummit. The original sucks. I have it. Can’t get Juergen to fix things. Or make it better. This is super frustrating. I usually defend Jomox when it comes to bugs but this is irritating. I bet the circuitry is highly related to mk1. Sheesh I hope he picks better built in effects (mi1 effects are AWFUL and just a terrible crap implementation!) and figures out how to tame the squeaks and whistles and annoying as can be wandering away from parameters as the original!!!! Fix the code on the original Juergen!!!!!

  2. Totally agree with Charles Whiley’s post. I love my T-Resonators (mki and mkii), mbase, and loved the xbase when it first came out before I had to sell it. I bought the moonwind shortly after it was released and it’s been a buggy rough experience. The filters are great, but it doesn’t have a well-implemented sequencer, it’s effects are rough (and not in a good way), the whistles wreck just about everything when performing live, and it’s sweet spots are fewer and farther between than the t-resonator. If this thing got an updated firmware, it would really help regain the faith so many of us have had with Jomox over the years who bought the moonwind. Right now, I am shy to buy anything like the Alphabase or moonwind mkii since I’m not sure how it’s going to be supported.

    • I only heard good things so far from the Alphabase. It looks it gets support and Jürgen said at SB that a 2.0 update with new features is in the making.

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