Psychicmodulation EchoMelt3, unique audio-melting effects processor plugin

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Psychicmodulation expands its unique audio-melting multi-fx concept in the new EchoMelt3 plugin with a lot of new tone-shaping features

Plugins, oh yes there are many on the market. New ones are added every day. In the countless releases, there are often releases from small developers that you have to highlight more than others because they are different. For me, these are often the pearls that keep the plugin market exciting. Psychicmodulation is one of those developers who offers plugins with inspiring concepts. The Phonec 2 Synthesizer, PulseCode drum machine, or the effect processor. They all follow a vintage concept without wanting to emulate anything specific from the past.

One of the most known effects plugins from the developer recently went into the third round. Please welcome EchoMelt3, a major makeover and further development with lots of new things to explore.

Psychicmodulation EchoMelt3

Psychicmodulation EchoMelt3

The third version of the EchoMelt plugin continues the audio-melting concept by giving it more features and possibilities. EchoMelt3 remains a multi-fx plugin that consists of different blocks. It starts with a tone shaper section including a drive, EQ, saturation, and lowpass filter to dampen the sounds. This gives you pleasant lo-fi crunch, tape noise…

On the second level, you can find the unique melt effect. It’s a multi-modulator that brings character and movement to your sounds. Melt can create Wow & Flutter, pitch-drifting, audio degradation, and VHS-style pitch fluctuations. New in EchoMelt3 is the ability to BPM sync each modulator (flow, dropout, and jump) and to create host-sync pitch jumps for other-worldly rhythmical elements. Version 3 also adds a chorus effect in the Melt block for turning your wobbling tape instabilities into a lush, stereo effect. All with a single knob.

One thing is missing the echo part of EchoMelt. I’ll get to that now. EchoMelt3 has a dedicated stereo dub delay processor with an interesting feature set. One of them is a crossfade-style slider (Beat Factor) for beat juggling delay times. The echo section is capable of creating a wide range of effects. From subtle ambiances up to crazy tones, it’s your perfect partner for all kinds of spaced-out echo trickery. To make it deeper, the part also has a looper and feedback control for endless repetition fun.

If you need more character, you can activate the new noise section that output tape hiss. With the big MondoMelt knob, you can drive the whole effect into unexplored territory. Sub presets and randomizer per FX section, as well as custom GUI scaling, are very smart additions. The interface is super straightforward and without any gimmicks what I like a lot. Like these on the other plugins from the developer


Another tape emulation? Definitely not. It’s a unique multi-fx that bundles every aspect of warm and fuzzy textures in one single, easy-to-operate plugin. Friends of crunchy, fuzzy, warm sounds should take a look at the plugin.

Psychicmodulation EchoMelt3 is available now for $59 USD + VAT in the EU. Existing customers receive an upgrade offer via the support. EchoMelt3 runs as a 64-bit VST3 and AU plugin on Windows 7+ and macOS 10.11+. A demo version is available for download.

More information here: Psychicmodulation

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