Mosaic extends its 1U module range: state variable filter, LFO, random, sample|hold & tap

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Mosaic has released five new modules in its 1U module range including a new analog state-variable filter, LFO, random, sample & hold, and tap tempo. 

In May the new US-based developer Mosaic presented a large number of colorful, feature-rich 1U Eurorack modules. From sound generators, filters, utilities, there was something for everyone. The release was very well received by many because they are visually appealing and bring many interesting functions into the 1U format. Especially features that are not utilities.

Mosaic recently added five more modules to its 1U range. This time the focus is on modulators.

Mosaic sv filter


The first new Mosaic 1U module is a new all-analog state variable filter (OTA) with a 12dB slope and voltage-controlled resonance. It has independent outputs for lowpass, highpass, and bandpass. That makes patching very flexible. Plus, you get CV control over the cutoff and resonance. The filter character ranges from smooth, creamy to squelching. Then, the series got a big upgrade in modulation

More Modulators

We have a new 1U LFO (Low Freq Osc) module in 14HP with 4 morphing waveforms (sine/triangle, saw/pulse). Low Freq Osc gives you immediate control over your LFO, with the ability to offset your LFO, and change the rate between two different ranges. Clever, it has an attenuator onboard with a unique CV ducking input.

The Mosaic Random puts parts of Don Buchla’s innovative Source of Uncertainty module in 1U. It offers three different signals to modulate your patch: gate, smooth, and stepped signals. Each signal responds to a master rate, which is determined by either an internal or external clock. The developers added attenuators to each output signal making it more flexible to use. So you can create subtle movements up to wild modulations.

Mosaic LFO random

Last modulation addition is a two-channel analog sample & hold module that ultra-low droop while maintaining an imperceptibly fast acquisition time. It’s not just your typical versatile modulation source but is also capable to downsample audio signals. Last but not least, a new super useful tap tempo joins the 1U Mosaic gang. Simply tap along to the beat, and Tap will output an extremely accurate clock for your modular system. The module has an LED indicator to give you visual tempo feedback.

There is currently no video demo for the new modules. At first glance, very exciting new 1U modules. A big highlight for me is the random module as it brings advanced modulation opinions to the table in just 1U. And they look very lovely in both white and black. Maybe it’s time to switch to 1U, but for that, I need a new case first.

The new Mosaic modules are available now. State Variable Filter for $119 USD, LFO and random each $99 USD, sample | hold $84 USD and tap for $64 USD. They ship in Intellijel format but you can order alternative Pulp Logic replacement panels.

More information here: Mosaic

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