Modulaire Maritime Tarot, a waveshaper module with two crossfading faces

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Modulaire Maritime Tarot is a new “pseudo paraphonic” analog waveshaper with the ability to crossfade smoothly between two shaper circuits 

Tarot is a not only pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games but also a new module from France. Modulaire Maritime is a young company that has been developing Eurorack modules and cases for some time. For Superbooth 21, I reported about ENA, a unique quad envelope generator.

Today they are expanding its portfolio with another module. Tarot is a pseudo-paraphonic waveshaper with two faces to explore.

Modulaire Maritime Tarot

Modulaire Maritime Tarot

Tarot is a waveshaper module that has two faces. It is on the one side (left) a voltage-controlled rectifier with bias control and CV control with a dedicated attenuator. On the other, it is a wave folder with two linked stages. With the built-in crossfader you, morph between both. The wave folder comes with a customizable shape shift section (jumper on the back) as well as a wrap range with its symmetry tune knob. The latter two offers full CV control as well.

You can use both wave folders independently or together. However, the results they both produce are different. This is due to the circuit design. The first uses class op-amps while the second uses more complex OTA. In link mode, so in combination, both wave folders can generate some unique timbres. The results are also dependent on the jumper settings of the shape shift folder. It can act more smoothly or edgier with higher gain for more aggressive and metalized timbres.

Then, it has a frequency Synthesizer section consisting of two frequency multipliers, one subdivision (high, mid, low), and a dedicated tracking knob. With the switch, you can freely assign it to any side (rectifier/folding). This simplifies fine mixing or blending between the circuits as almost all controls on Tarot acts like levels. Lastly, you get a built-in triangle LFO that is normalled to all three CVs. With this, you can achieve synchronized motions similar to a phaser or chorus.

In terms of sound, the module is anything but standard. Its dual personality makes a wide range of shaping results possible. From gentle, smooth up to nasty, distorted, aggressive shaping results, the module has a lot to offer. Tarot is not a one-knob-shaping miracle but a module that you have to deal with. It is deep and very versatile. Definitely one of the special waveshapers / rectifiers out there.

Modulaire Maritime Tarot is available now for 195€.

More information here: Modulaire Maritime 

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