KnobCon 21: Modbap Modular Osiris wavetable oscillator for Eurorack

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At KnobCon 21, Modbap Modular is introducing Osiris, a new powerful wavetable Oscillator with lots of shaping options packed in a colorful, hands-on module.

Wavetable synthesis has been a long-standing trend in the software industry. This also spilled into the Eurorack. There are now numerous powerful wavetable oscillators. Since they offer many features, the modules are often deep and rather less hands-on.

A new WT oscillator comes from Corry Banks’ new module company Modbap Modular. Immediately noticeable is its very compact and hands-on interface. To me, it’s reminiscent of a Mutable Instruments module. Especially, how it’s structured. It’s very understandable and simple at first look. The module is celebrating its premiere at KnobCon 21 and it has a lot to offer.

Modbap Modular Osiris

Modbap Modular Osiris

Osiris is a new bi-fidelity 96khz wavetable oscillator for the Eurorack format. Compared to other wavetable oscillators, it takes up little space with only 12HP but is packed with features. It comes with 4 banks of 32 wavetables each (128 wavetables in total) and each wave can have up to 32 waveforms at 256 samples per waveform. Either you can use the built-in ones or you design your own wavetables in the free, open-source editor WavePacks and import them via a micro-SD card. So you have endless possibilities

In addition, it comes with a sub-oscillator (square, sine, triangle with -1/-2)  that has its own 1v/oct, mix knob, and a mono output. So you can use it to beef up your sounds or as an independent oscillator. So Osiris gives you to separate oscillators in one module.

Advanced Waveshaping

As in software wavetable synthesizers, the wavetables can also be shaped here with the help of different waveshapers named Timbre Mods. Available are:

  • Unison – Layers a second oscillator that detunes from slight beatings up to an octave.
  • Bend – Compresses the waveform to a thinner shape
  • Fold – Introduces symmetric 2-stage wave folding by first mirroring the waveform and then folding it
  • Sync – Repeats the cycle count of the waveform within a Hanning window, making the edges soft
  • Noise– Adds window-synced noise to the waveform phase
  • FM x 1 – Applies phase modulation to the oscillator using the same waveform
  • FM x ….8 – The FM scans through a ratio of 1 up to a ratio of 8 smoothly, with mixed stages in between

So you not only have your own wavetables but also the possibility to bend them in different directions. That’s a lot of sound design power in 12HP. All of the Timbre Modes live on one CV-enabled knob, allowing for smooth morphing between modes which makes for some very cool blended timbres between modes

Modbap Modular Osiris

From Clean To Lo-Fi

Plus, you get three different flavors to modify the characters. If the 96khz are too high-resolution/clean for you, Osiris comes with two additional flavors including classic, pleasing, and a musically gritty Lo-Fi flavor. This is again fully controllable via the CV-enabled LoFi knob. The sound of the LoFi parameter takes inspiration from old amiga computer audio characteristics, introducing sample jitter, phase drift, and resolution reduction. Lastly, it has a built-in VCA, and decay parameters allow for wide-open melodic fades as well as easy percussive plucks.

The module was developed in collaboration with Ess Mattisson (Fors). Some still know him from his work at Elektron including the Digitone, and others.

A very exciting new wavetable module in my opinion. Corry Banks from Modbap has packed tons of features into a beautiful designed module without overloading it or even with deep menus. Well done.

Modbap Modular Osiris will be available on September 24, 2021 for $349 USD. You can pre-order it now.

More information here: Modbap Modular

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