Poly Effects Hector infuses a virtual modular synth in your modular synth

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Poly Effects puts its super-powerful modular Synthesizer pedal Beebo inside the Hector Eurorack module and heralds the synthesis inception.

Already at the virtual NAMM 2021, I reported about the Eurorack version of the Poly Effects Beebo, the Hector. This is a virtual, patchable modular environment in a Eurorack module. Remember, many musicians have left making music with computers. Now the tide is turning and computers are tracking musicians into hardware synths. And yes, we have definitely reached synthesis inception level 1 or even 2.

However, it nicely shows the big step that digital modules in Eurorack format have made. More power, more functionality… more of everything. Now we not only have analog technology in our modular synths but also sophisticated mini computers. Today, I can finally communicate all Hector details as the module is finally out.

Poly Effects Hector

Poly Effects Hector

Like Beebo, Hector is a virtual modular Synthesizer. Here in module form and not as a pedal but powered by the same engine and firmware. Thus, you can share the presets made in Beebo with Hector or vice versa. This also guarantees that the module users have access to the large library of ready-to-use patches.

Hector currently offers more than 100 different modules. These range from rich oscillators, filters, tons of effects (reverb, delays, granulator, distortions.., utilities like powerful LFOs quantizers, sequencers, and more. It also includes a looper (Loopler), an EDP style looper module capable of looping multiple tracks.

A big highlight are the built-in ports of Mutable Instruments modules including Clouds granular texture synth, Plaids macro oscillator, and more. And since you have more than just one input and output, you can also use several MI modules at the same time. Another cool part is the convolution reverb algorithm that allows you to capture your own real space in the module or use impulse responses available on the net. Every sound designer will find in Hector what they are looking for.

Poly Effects Hector

Touch Operation

Hector can be operated using a touch screen. You have inputs and outputs that you connect to the desired modules. Connections are made using virtual patch cables. This can be individual effects, complete chains, or a complete, “uber” powerful modular synthesizer voice. The patch fun is endless until the CPU reports.

The module has an impressive set of I/Os: MIDI on TRS socket, a USB host port, and modular connections (6 in- & 8 outputs). The latter can be freely configured. This can be audio inputs, 1V / oct, and more.

Hector looks very exciting at first. You get a lot of functionality in one single module. We have known that these are solid since the release of the Beebo pedal, which has been constantly improved and expanded. Now all this fun in a Eurorack module. I leave it up to you whether you get along with the idea of modular in a modular synth. It sounds strange but it’s pretty impressive what the module offers.

Poly Effects Hector is available now for $599 USD. Batch 1 and 2 are already sold out, new orders are shipping in about 3 weeks says the developer.

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