Nepheton 808 day deal, save 70% off on D16 Group’s 808 drum machine emulation

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Save 70% off on the D16 Group Nepheton, a VST/AU plugin that emulates the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine from 1980.

Happy 808 day. For many musicians, the Roland TR-808 is a legendary analog drum machine. Like no other, it shaped electronic music and brought it to the fore. Today, the original units from 1980 are priceless for many. High demand high second-hand prices, of course. But there are alternatives.

The market has not slept and has captured the sound of the TR-808 for the future. The most popular form includes samples, which are available in tons from various manufacturers. From free to commercial ones. For all hardware friends, there are analog clones/replicas from Behringer (RD-8), Acidlab (Miami)… but also digital hardware recreations like the TR-08 Boutique, TR-8, and others.

D16 Group Nepheton

For in-the-box musicians, Roland now offers the TR-808 as an emulation in its Roland Cloud. Long before that, the Polish developers of D16 Group also released an authentic TR-808 emulation called Nepheton. It is available for the 808 day at an unbeatable price of 29€.

D16 Group Nepheton

Nepheton features 17 fully synthesized modules that emulate the original 808 drum machines. The developers say that all the sounds and detailed nuances of the original are captured perfectly. They not only recreate the original unit go beyond by offering additional controls for deep tone and envelope tweakability. That definitely makes the plugin better than the original, which is a bit limited in many areas.

Also, the internal sequencer has more on offer. It contains two banks of patterns with simple and extended patterns. It also comes with a handy randomizer that can be used either to make subtle changes to your patterns or to create entirely new ones. And randomizing can be applied to drums independently and with variable frequency, very interesting.

Nepheton also offers an extended shuffle knob with a wider range of possible grooves. From classic rhythmics up to controlled junky chaos. Other great features are the full MIDI implementation and the flexible output configurations. Thus you can easily route every module to any of the 12 outputs, from mono to stereo. For the real 808 fans, the developers also include the original Trigger output (fully configurable, of course).

The plugin emulates the TR-808 on a high level. For the price, it is a no-brainer as there are fewer high-quality TR-808 emulations. And especially for musicians who do not want to get into the Roland Cloud, this is a good opportunity to get a software 808 at a fair price.

Availability & Free Plugins

D16 Group Nepheton is available now for 29€ with a 70% OFF discount instead of 99€. It runs as a VST2 and AU plugin for macOS and Windows. macOS Big Sur is not yet supported. If you purchase the plugin at our partners, you get either on top MeldaProduction MDynamic EQ (Plugin Boutique) or OSL Side Effects (ADSR Sounds) for free. For me, the second is the better deal.

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  1. dont get me wrong, that d16 plugins sound great, but the (midi)handling is terrible compared to the easyness of microtonic or stix or heartbeat. maybe ok for the die hard sim fans out there, but as a modern plugin they could have done it smarter. well, i got it a while ago as well as the 909 sim – and lu-sh 101 ;D and sigmund ^^

    recommended nonetheless for the 808 freaks out there

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