Behringer previews Pro-16 feature set: 16 analog voices, multi-timbrality & more

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Behringer previews the feature set of the Pro-16 (Prophet-5 replica) Synthesizer including 16 analog voices, multi-timbrality & more. 

Last weekend Behringer showed the first pictures of the Pro-16, a clone/replica/remake of the legendary Sequential Prophet-5 polyphonic analog Synthesizer.

Today, Behringer published a post on Facebook where they preview the feature set of the Pro-16. It looks like it will be more than just a 1 to 1 Prophet-5 replica.

Behringer Pro-16

Behringer Pro-16 Preview

According to Behringer, the Pro-16 will use over 6000 components and will be based on the circuits of all 3 Prophet-5 revisions.  The picture clearly shows that the PCBs are made with SMD technology. The Behringer developers are not only building the Prophet-5 as it was, they are expanding it also with new features.

“we also added many features such as 16 voices, multi-timbrality, LCD display and a lot more. We started the ideation of this project around 5 years ago and it has since grown into an incredibly powerful flagship synth”

Behringer Pro-16 multi-timbrality

The multi-timbrality is certainly a nice add-on next to the 6 extra voices. One that Dave Smith never offered in the original Prophet-5, not even in the new reissue from 2020. How this function will be implemented is not yet known. Hopefully, you can play two patches of 8 voices each, which would be very nice.

Behringer says that it will take a few more months for the synth to be finished. Mainly to finalize the firmware. But it should go faster than with the UB-Xa. A release in 2021, rather unlikely.

We started the ideation of this project around 5 years ago and it has since grown into an incredibly powerful flagship synth. We still need many more months to finalize the firmware, but we’re confident that it’ll be much faster than the UB-Xa. We’re hoping to share some sounds with you in the near future.
Stay tuned for more details.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. A multi-timbral analogue synth? … surely not.
    Hopefully it will be configurable too: 16 mono, 8 bi, 4 x 4 timbrality etc. Like the Andromeda. We shall see.

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