Ambient soundscapes with Soma Lyra-8 & Make Noise Strega by Akihiko Matsumoto

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The Japanese electronic musician Akihiko Matsumoto has published an ambient jam using the Soma Lyra-8 drone synth & the Make Noise Strega.

Many electronic musicians have fallen in love with the Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 drone Synthesizer. Interestingly, not only experimental sound designers/music producers but many who actually don’t work that noisy. The sound from the device alone speaks volumes. It is capable of generating sounds that are fully under control but also which are unpredictable and crazy. From juicy, massive drones full of character, crazy effects, and more.

The same love is currently getting Strega, the new portable Synthesizer in the 0-Coast format by Make Noise that was developed with Alessandro Cortini from Nine Inch Nail (NIN). Like the Lyra-8, the Strega is an utterly unique synth with a dirty/dense sound character. They both sound very different but that’s not a problem at all. The Japanese musician Akihiko Matsumoto shows that the Strega and Lyra-8 are a perfect match in its newest ambient jam.

Akihiko Matsumoto is not only active on YouTube but also publishes albums. You can check out his music on Bandcamp. He bundled his jams into an album called Ambient/Noise Works for YouTube

More information here: AM

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