Wavefonix W314, a modular Synthesizer system for your first steps in Eurorack

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Wavefonix W314 is a new modular Synthesizer system with 11 classic Eurorack modules in a 104HP case made for your first steps in modular synthesis

Every beginning is difficult. Also the Eurorack adventure. It starts with the selection of the case, followed by the oscillators, filters, VCA, etc. To me, there is no right or wrong decision you can make because there are so many good modules on the market. It should be important which sound you want to achieve with the system, which functions it should have …

It is much easier with curated systems from the manufacturers themselves. Here you get a set of modules and cases with which you can start right away. That has risks. It may be that the system cannot satisfy all of the musician’s needs because certain modules or functions are missing. This risk also exists with the new W314 modular Synthesizer from the UK-based company Wavefonix. It’s a system that is designed for beginners, says the developer.

Wavefonix W314

Wavefonix W314

Wavefonix W314 is a classic-inspired modular Synthesizer system that consists of 11 Eurorack modules. They are housed in a 3U, 104HP skiff, finished in high-quality wood. It also ships with an integrated PSU from Konstant Lab. The module selection is solid and offers a lot of sound and functionality.

It starts with a 3340-based dual-voltage controlled oscillator which gives you two sound generators to start right away. Each of them has everything you would expect from a classic oscillator: different waveforms, PWM, linear & exponential FM, sync, and more. Number three is an 8-bit wavetable oscillator that nicely complements the sound spectrum of the first two. It mainly adds more harmonic content and special timbres to the sound. So three oscillators form the core of the W314 system.

Then, it includes a 6-channel linear mixer or 6-channel audio mixer. In addition to the mixer, the filter module can also be selected from three lowpass filter modules. And here only the filter chip changes, you either want an SSI (2140, 2144) or a classic CEM (3320). It’s nice that you can choose here, as each filter has its own character. This is followed by two envelopes (3310) where one is voltage controllable and a multi-wave VCD LFO module.

Wavefonix also leaves the choice to the customer for the built-in VCA module. You can choose between a dual linear or exponential VCA. On top, you get a 4×4 buffered multiple, a noise generator, and a ring modulator making in total a system with 11 modules.

What Is Missing?

Wavefonix offers here a nice module-rich package for a fair price. It’s a system but not a complete modular Synthesizer as the modularity means that it can be expanded and converted into a different system at will. For example, I am missing a MIDI-to-CV interface in this system. It’s one of the most important modules for beginners. Also, a small sequencer would certainly have been nice too.

Wavefonix W314 is available now for £1,124.99 (sale price) excluding VAT. 

More information here: Wavefonix 

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  1. Wavefonix listens to their audience. In previous pictures (july 20th) a 3 channel stereo mixer was shown, which had not much value. But they indeed used the feedback and now offer a much more useful 6 channel mono mixer.
    Well done Wavefonix.

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