Pimp your Korg Volcas, Monotribe & SQ-1 with illuminated Knobotrons

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The Uwyn Knobotrons tactile UV reactive rings are now available for the Korg Volcas, Monotribe Synthesizer & SQ-1 sequencer. 

In April I reported on the Knobotrons, the latest project from Uwyn aka Geert Bevin (Moog Music). These are lovely tactile UV reactive Steknob rings for synths like the Make Noise O-Coast, Strega, Moog Mother-32, and others.

Now the colorful add-ons are also available for the Korg synthesizers including the Volcas, Monotribe and the SQ-1 sequencer

Korg Volca Knobotrons

Korg Volcas Knobotrons

Knobotrons are colored knob rings with a tactile pointer. These are clever additions as they indicate the current position of the knob. They also give your instruments a color-coding system in no time. And as a bonus, they let your synthesizers shine in a new neon light.

You can now order Knobotrons for the Volcas Bass, Beats, Drum, FM, Keys, Klick, Mix, Modular, Nubass, and Sample. They are also available for the Korg MonoTribe and SQ-1 sequencer.

Here you can definitely say: for little money, they make the interfaces of the modern Japanese synthesizers more intuitive and colorful.

The new Knobotrons for the Korg Volcas, Monotribe, and SQ-1 are available for prices from $5 and $9, based on the number of controls of the device.

More information here: Uwyn 

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