Behringer 2600-VCO, an ARP oscillator clone for Eurorack

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Behringer has decoupled the oscillator from its ARP 2600 clone and is now offering it as an all-analog 2600-VCO module for Eurorack.

The marathon of new Behringer releases continues. They consistently continue on their way and with a speed like on a motorway. Only Behringer can do that with its own infrastructure.

Today they have something new for the Eurorack market. After many liked their ARP 2600 clone, yes I also like the sound, now the first module comes off. It starts with the 2600 VCO, the oscillator of the 2600 synthesizer.

Behringer 2600 VCO

Behringer 2600-VCO

The 2600-VCO is an all-analog VCO module that is based on the original ARP 2600 circuitry. Behringer has already rebuilt this for its 2600 clone, now you can get in Eurorack format with the same feature set. It features four simultaneous waveforms including sine, triangle, saw, and pulse that cover all classic basic waveform needs. It works as an oscillator but also in low-frequency mode as an LFO.

Like on the 2600 clone, they can be controlled using two sliders, one for the frequency (10 Hz to 10 kHz or 0.03 Hz to 30 Hz in LF mode) another for the pulse width with PWM using the CV input. There is also a finetune knob with which you can tune the VCO to other VCOs. On the bottom, you also have three FM inputs perfect for creating crazier sounds.

An interesting module at first glance. You just wonder how many people still buy this after many have already bought the ARP 2600 clone from Behringer, which is also Eurorack capable. Maybe those who want a 5200. And for sure, we will see in the near future the filter, envelope… as Eurorack module.

Behringer 2600-VCO is available soon for $99 USD worldwide.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. At last a bit of originality 🙂
    Even 2600 owners can use it to change their synth to a four voice monster.

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