Get Kontakt 6 for 124,50€ from the NI summer sale with these simple steps

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With these steps, everyone can purchase the full version of the NI Kontakt 6 sampler plugin for only 124,50€ (summer sale 2021).

Kontakt is Native Instruments’ flagship sampler plugin that has been the industry standard for many years. There is probably no film soundtrack composer who does without Kontakt in his production, I’m pretty sure. The sixth version of the plugin is currently available with a new wavetable engine and other new scripting options.

The official factory library did not make Kontakt 6 a success, but the huge number of third-party libraries. A look at how big this is shows the website Loot Audio, where you can mainly find libraries from many talented indie developers. Often for a few euros/dollars. However, many cheap Kontakt libraries have a hack. Many run exclusively in the full version and not in the Kontakt Player version.

Kontakt 6 summer deal

Kontakt 6 Summer Deal

If Kontakt 6 was too expensive, you should be careful now. The NI Summer Sale is on and you can get Kontakt 6 for just 124,50€ instead of 399€. This is a crossgrade deal that anyone can benefit from by following these steps.

Embertone Arcane

A Qualified Kontakt Player Library

In order to benefit from this crossgrade deal, one must have a qualified Kontakt Player library. It is important that the library is delivered with a serial number that can then be registered in Native Access.

For example, Embertone Arcane is a free KP library that is compatible with Native Access. This must be registered in NA after the free download. Only then can you buy the crossgrade.

Kontakt 6 crossgrade


Kontakt 6 Crossgrade

Then, login into your NI account. The next step is the Kontakt 6 product page and press buy which redirects you to another page. Here you have to select the crossgrade offer. The NI system then automatically checks whether you are qualified for the crossgrade offer or not.

After the purchase, you have to register the crossgrade version in NA and this will give you the full version of Kontakt 6. Important, this registration only works if the user account has a qualified Kontakt Player library. Otherwise, it will fail.

For anyone who wants to upgrade to the full version of Kontakt 6 without paying the full price or go for the Komplete 13 bundle, this is the best deal. Don’t miss it.

Native Instruments Kontakt Crossgrade is available for a limited time for 124,50€ instead of 249€. This deal is valid until June 30, 2021.

More information here: Native Instruments

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  1. Wow thanks a lot, I’ve been on the edge of buying Kontakt for a while, with this cross grade I definitively did. This is a great deal! wonder if the same can be done for Reaktor

  2. Because embertone was free she dont have any code and you arrive in demo mode and no crossgrade.what library realy do the job ?

    • normally you get a serial number with the free Embertone library because you require it register it in Native Access.

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