Fuse Audio Labs VREV-666, Free Spring Reverb Plugin For MacOS & Windows

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Fuse Audio Labs has released an emulation of the super rare VREV-666 spring reverb as a free plugin for macOS and Windows. 

Reverbs, the most popular effect among musicians. Whether synthesizer or guitar player, reverbs are extremely popular, in software or hardware form. The market for high-quality free reverb plugins has expanded nicely in the last few years. Take the exciting Valhalla Supermassive as an example.

Now there is another free reverb from the German company Fuse Audio Labs. However, this is not the classic bread and butter reverb but rather something special.

Fuse Audio Labs VREV-666

Fuse Audio Labs VREV-666

The VREV-666 plugin is a spring reverb plugin that emulates a super rare hardware unit from the 1960s that bears the same name. Fuse Audio Lays says that it’s not most realistic reverb in the world but that makes it special compared to others. Sending any signal through its springs will always result in something vibrant and charismatic. It can add an edge to your vocals, dirty ambiance to your synth, gritty room tone to your guitar and bass, or some cool finishing textures to your favorite instruments.

The original hardware unit was built very minimally and only offered only a single effect gain control. The developers have significantly expanded this in the plugin. It adds a mix stage, pre-delay of up to 150ms, and a tone EQ which attenuates the pronounced resonance of the spring system in the bass range. Plus, you get a limiter that acts musically says the Fuse Audio Labs. It helps to tame the chirping overloads inside the spring tank.

Sounds tempting and since it is a free plugin it invites you to try it out.

Fuse Audio Labs VREV-666 is available now as a free download for 32bit & 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU & AAX for macOS and Windows. To download this plugin, you need to make a free account.

More information here: FAL 

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