Behringer teases new drum machine announcement for June 28th

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New RD-8 colors, the leaked RD-999 from 2017…. Behringer teases a new drum machine announcement with 808 sounds for June 28th.

June seems to the Behringer’s teaser month. At the beginning of June, the company announced the release of two new not previously teased products from the Synthesizer division. In mid-June came Brains, a clone/further development of the Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillator. And they were right, the product is already available for pre-order.

Today, Behringer released another teaser video named “there is music wherever the rhythm, as there is life wherever there is beats a pulse, I Stravinsky”. for a new product.

Behringer drum machine teaser

Behringer Drum Machine Teaser?

If you look at the teaser, you can see many design elements of their RD-8 (TR-808 clone). The big play button, the four white buttons…Plus the sounds that can be heard in the teaser are very 808-like sounds.

So it may well be that Behringer will release a kind of RD-8 special edition, possibly with new colors or even other features. Or they show something completely new. In 2017, there was a major leak with the RD-8 and RD-9 drum machines. Also in this, you could discover an RD-999 with an analog drum machine with 17 original drum sounds, a 64-step sequencer, and more.

It would certainly be more interesting than new colors for the RD-8. It would be logical because Behringer has a framework with the completion of the RD-9 with which they are able to develop devices faster. Or will it be some kind of sampling drum machine?

We will get answers to the questions on June 28th when Behringer will unveil the product. Stayed tuned for the news.

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