sonicLab Thermo, Self-Regulating Synthesizer Plugin Inspired By Thermodynamic Systems

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sonicLab Thermo, a Synthesizer plugin that brings the charm & industrial, bizarre noise of self-regulating thermodynamic systems to your DAW. 

I can be wrong, but every reader has one or more synthesizer plugins on their macOS, Linux, or Windows computer. Regardless of whether it is free or paid. From virtual analog, wavetable, FM, to granular or physical modeling, in 2021 we are very spoiled with synthesis in digital form.

If all of this is too boring and monotonous for you, read on now. SonicLab, known for its collaboration with Hainbach at Fundamental, has released a new Synthesizer plugin. And anyone who knows SonicLab’s past, it’s not a classic synth. I go further and I can say: it has absolutely nothing to do with a traditional synth like a Minimoog emulation or a wavetable synth.

sonicLab Thermo

sonicLab Thermo

Thermo is probably one of the craziest, unique Synthesizer plugins this year. It uses a self-regulating 4-oscillator hyper oscillator engine inspired by thermodynamic systems. Unlike in a classic Synthesizer, the four available oscillators are in continuous interaction and sending each other their signals.

More precisely, each oscillator engine checks its environment conditions through analysis and takes decisions. Depending on the result of this analysis, the oscillators regulate themselves to this. Just like it is in a real machine room. These conditions are either defined by the 7 stochastic modulators or by the user through three different injection models into the system. These affect the temporal and spectral aspects of the signal.

Then, you three so-called audio transfer functions with which you can introduce harmonic distortion. Also onboard are independent and random attack/release envelopes, pitch quantizer with Scala tuning table support, and more. Thermo supports MPE. Thus if you want it very expressive, connect your favorite MPE controller (ROLI, Sensel Morph…) and dive into the depths of the engine. It also includes a custom Sensel Morph Map template.

The plugin ships with preset banks from Sinan Bokesoy and Laurent Mialon.


Thermo is bizarre, crazy, and very experimental. It is not really a Synthesizer for your next EDM or dance track. More for the next underground noise, drone event. In the first sound demos, you notice that synth has its own organic touch. It sounds like you are in a machine room and you’re exposed to the massive sounds of these machines. More of the same? Definitely not.

sonicLab Thermo is available now for an introductory price of 59€ instead of  79€/$96 USD (25% OFF). You can also find Thermo in the sonicLab Oscillator bundle with the Fundamental plugin made in collaboration with Hainbach for 138€/$168 USD. Rent-to-own plans are also available.

More information here: sonicLab 

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