ValhallaDelay 2.0.8, Free Update With Transparent & Phase-Shifting Delays

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ValhallaDelay 2.0.8 free update is out now and adds two new delay algorithms including a transparent and a phase-shifting delay. 

Delay processors are one of the most popular plugins among music producers. They can be found in every sound design arsenal, often in duplicate or triple. Yes, delays are unique and sound different, even in software. The ValhallaDelay plugin from ValhallaDSP aka Sean Costello belongs to the premier class of delays. It’s a true delay algorithm paradise for just $50. I’m not joining.

From vintage-inspired, modern to experimental, it has an algorithm for everyone and is a bargain that everyone must have in their arsenal. In ValhallaDelay 2.0.8, a free update, Sean Costello added two brand-new algorithms that increase the number to 14.

ValhallaDelay 2.0.8

ValhallaDelay 2.0.8

The first addition is Quarz, a delay mode as transparent as its namesake says ValhallaDSP. The Quarz mode takes the filter out of the feedback loop and incorporates a nearly colorless limiter. With this, you can create repeats that can be as bright and shiny as you want them to be. Great tool for looping, clean echoes, bright flagging, and all sorts of pristine sounds.

Then it features PhaserDDL, a new algorithm that incorporates a digital delay with a 4/6/12 stage phase shifter on the outputs. The phase shifters are in the feedback loops, which results in psychedelic echoes with long delays.

The algorithm is also capable to transform ValhallaDelay in a solid-sounding standalone phaser effect processor. To achieve this, you need to turn the delay time and delay feedback down to down. Et voilà, you have a phaser. Further, the PhaserDDL algorithm doesn’t offer an age knob but instead a reso knob with which you can control the phase resonance.

I would like to offer you a sound demo, but there is currently none, which is a shame. But I’m sure that Sean Costello did a great job here again.

ValhallaDelay 2.0.8 update is available as a free download for existing customers. ValhallaDelay costs $50 USD and runs on macOS and Windows computers.

More information here: ValhallaDSP

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